FCQ Launches Global Blockchain Real Estate Platform



LUBLIN, Poland, August 5, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – FCQPlatform.com – Investing in real estate in Spain, Dominican Republic, Cyprus or any other country has become as easy as ABC.

FCQ is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to purchase real estate in part or at once. All transactions on the platform are supported by smart contracts; thus, the assets of buyers and sellers are safe and sound.

The idea of ​​the team is that their users should manage the FCQ platform with their help, and also benefit from the development of their platform. For this, its own FCQn token was created. It will be available on the DEX exchanges, and in the first phase it will be listed on the Uniswap exchange. The token will be deflationary. 1% of the sale of real estate and 50% of the proceeds from the secondary market will be used to buy a token from the market and burn it. The token will debut in September at UNISWAP.

The platform is currently in beta testing; however, a large number of properties from around the world will soon be added.

Users don’t need to have huge capital to start investing. 500 USDT is enough. The minimum real estate investment on their platform is only $ 500.

Each individual property is accompanied by a description of its main characteristics:

– Object token price

– Total cost

– Minimum investment

– Annual yield

– Date of dividend payment

– End date of fundraising

– The number of tokens available for purchase

Initially, the platform will feature commercial real estate generating income without maintenance. A wide range of objects will be presented later.

The platform provides opportunities for investment, as well as for the subsequent resale of real estate tokens and income.

Take a look at the properties available for investment here: https://fcqplatform.com/investments/list?page=1

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