Fannie Mae Announces Results of Its 21st Reform Loan Sale


WASHINGTON, Jul 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Fannie Mae (OTCQB: FNMA) announced the results of its twenty-first repeat loan sale. Announced Deal June 10, 2021including the sale of approximately 12,100 credits totaling $ 1.58 billion on the unpaid main balance (UPB), divided into four pools. DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc. became the winners from the four pools of the deal. (Credit Suisse) for Pools 1 and 3 and RCF II Loan Acquisition, LP (Pretium) for Pools 2 and 4. The deal is expected to be closed. August 26, 2021… The pools were sold with Citigroup Global Markets Inc. as a consultant.

Pools of loans disbursed under this latest transaction include:

  • Pool 1: 4449 credits with a cumulative UPB of $ 592,010,069; average loan size USD 133,066; weighted average rate on notes 4.35%; and the weighted average broker’s opinion (BPO) is 59%.
  • Pool 2: 3411 loans with cumulative UPB of USD 460,024,607; average loan size USD 134,865; weighted average rate on notes 4.34%; and a weighted average credit to BPO cost ratio of 61%.
  • Pool 3: 3448 credits with a cumulative UPB of USD 418,469,092; average loan size USD 121,366; weighted average rate on notes 4.51%; and a weighted ratio of credit to BPO cost at 52%.
  • Pool 4: 766 credits with cumulative UPB USD 110 858 344; average loan size USD 144,724; weighted average rate on notes 4.33%; and a weighted average credit-to-BPO ratio of 63%.

Covering bids, which are the second largest pool bids, were 105.07% UPB (47.35% BPO) for pool 1, 100.63% UPB (46.25% BPO) for pool 2, 106.51% UPB (39.50% BPO) for pool 3 and 102.00% UPB (49.24% BPO) for pool 4.

Interested bidders can register for current announcements, training and other information. here… Fannie Mae will also post information on the specific pools available for purchase on this page.

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