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When temperatures rise, it’s time to blow out floor, table and table fans, especially if you don’t have central air conditioning.

But in a well-designed house, it can sometimes feel bittersweet because many fans look awkward or downright ugly.

“Let’s be real,” said Laura Umansky, founder of Laura U Design Team, an interior design firm with offices in Houston and Aspen, Colorado. “I hate to point it out, but it’s a necessary feature.”

The good news is that there are more – and better – options out there than there were before.

Ms. Umansky has Dyson fans in every bedroom of her Snowmass Village, Colorado home. “I love that it’s quiet and smooth here,” she said.

But she also likes retro fans: “There are some really cute, vintage fans.”

You can of course install a ceiling fan, but plug-in fans have several advantages. Unless your overhead space is monopolized by a fan, there is room for a decorative light that accentuates the design more.

And when it gets colder, Ms Umansky notes, the plug-in fan is “easy to hide in a closet.”

  • Should the fan oscillate? If you are concerned about maximum performance, it should be so. “I want it to rotate and move air throughout space,” said Ms Umansky.

  • How will the fan be controlled? “The remote that you keep on your bedside table will be helpful,” Ms Umansky said if you want to tweak the settings right from bed.

  • Should it be used as an air purifier? Not necessary, but if you have allergies, an air purifier can help.

Fan in bamboo case

About $ 200 at Target: 800-440-0680 or

Floor fan with wooden tripod legs

$ 429 in rejuvenation: 888-401-1900 or

Retro style Vornado fan with metal case and feet

About $ 40 at Home Depot: 800-466-3337 or

Remote Control Swing Air Purifier Fan

From about $ 550 at Dyson: 844-705-4777 or

Portable fan with remote control and USB-C charging cable

$ 60 at MoMA Design Store: 800-851-4509 or

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