Fact Check: Progressive Experts Falsely Claim Rep. Lauren Bobert Received Loan Under Payroll Protection Program



“We are here to tell the government: we don’t want your benefits, we don’t want your welfare, don’t knock on my door with your oh Fauci” – Bobert said at the Dallas Conservative Political Action Conference, using the phrase “Fauci ouchie” to refer to the Covid-19 vaccine. “You leave us alone, to hell.”
Some left-wing pundits quickly accused Bobert of hypocrisy, in part because they claim the restaurant she owns received government aid from the Payroll Protection Program. federal loan program during a pandemic designed to help small businesses pay their employees and stay afloat.
“Lauren Bobert’s restaurant received a check for $ 233,305 and she receives a $ 174,000 taxpayer-funded salary,” reads the tweet. Account for the progressive podcast No Lie With Brian Tyler Cohen. (The account’s motto is: “No dishonest statements, no misinformation and no lies.”)
Cohen has a large following – his YouTube account has over 1.2 million subscribers, and a tweet from his podcast account has been retweeted. more than 18000 times… Many other left-wing Twitter accounts then echoed the claim that Bobert’s restaurant accepts PPP funds.

But this statement is false.

Facts First: Bobert’s restaurant in Colorado, Shooters Grill, received no PPP money. federal reports show… An unrelated Ohio-based restaurant company of the same name Shooters Sports Grill LLC. was an entity that received a $ 233,305 PPP loan, according to the database of the news non-profit organization ProPublica. After CNN contacted Brian Tyler Cohen to inquire about the allegation that Bobert’s restaurant received PPP money, he deleted the tweet and admitted that the allegation was inaccurate.
Boebert spokesman Ben Stout told CNN that the congressman has nothing to do with Shooters Sports Grill restaurants in Ohio. People who answered the call on Sunday at two Shooters Sports Grill outlets in Ohio also said their establishments were not affiliated with Bobert. And the Ohio company Web site, various official reportsand local news articles show no relation to the congressman.

Cohen said that the false claim that Bobert’s restaurant was taking PPP money was made by “my employee” who, he said, “confused” Bobert’s restaurant with an Ohio-based restaurant company. Cohen said that he does not maintain a Twitter account for his podcast, only his own personal account, and was “confused” by this error.

“I’m really sorry about what happened and I’m trying to be very, very careful with this kind of thing,” Cohen told CNN.

After CNN’s private conversation with Cohen, his podcast account is publicly tweeted: “My job is to stop disinformation, not spread it; there is no excuse that I am wrong. I apologize to the Congressman and all of you. ”

False claim is saved

Bobert tweeted Sunday morning to say that she “did NOT take on any PPP loans” and complain that Twitter’s “fact-checkers” are falsely claiming a “trend” on social media “as if it’s a fact”.
CNN refuted claim on Sunday afternoon, as some others Twitter was in the morning. However, as is often the case, tweets that reiterated the original false claim remained online even after the claim was rebutted and the original tweet was deleted.
The false statement was repeated on Twitter, among other things, Richard Ojedaformer West Virginia senator and unsuccessful candidate for the House of Representatives, Senate, and President (his tweet has been retweeted over 4,000 times); singer, songwriter and political twitter Ricky Davila, who has over 359,000 followers (his tweet, which also mentioned others who received PPP loans, was retweeted over 2,800 times); and the Twitter account of the Progressive Political Action Committee Really American, which has over 326,000 followers (his tweet received over 4,300 retweets).
The false claim about Bobert also made it to Facebook, where it was shared, among other things, Account “People for Bernie Sanders” with over 1.5 million subscribers.

Davila deleted his tweet Sunday night after CNN sent him a message that the Bobert part was false. He said, “I don’t want to spread misinformation.” Really American also deleted his tweet following a post from CNN and retweeted our denial.

After CNN sent Ojeda a message, he posted second tweet in which he continued to criticize Bobert, but admitted that it “looks like” she did not receive PPP funds.


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