Fact Check – Lauren Bobert’s Restaurant did not receive a $ 233,305 PPP loan


Reports falsely say that the restaurant, which is run by Congressman Lauren Bobert in Rifle, Colorado, received a payroll protection program (PPP) loan. Posts, some of which mention a loan of $ 233,305, confuse her restaurant with another restaurant of the same name. A Boebert spokesperson confirmed that she did not receive the loan, and an open database using government data confirms this.

Examples can be seen here , here as well as here

The text in one message reads: “As a bard, I should NEVER be speechless other than this … I mean … I find it hard to believe that she is stupid enough to think that the help she received was not there was some kind of social program. Right? Or is the goal to keep screaming socialism like a boogeyman until their base does EVERYTHING to stop it, even when things like the police, fire departments, welfare and medical services are helping millions? Don’t forget that she also received tens of millions of dollars in PPP money. But “socialism is baaaaaad.”

PPP Loans is a program supported by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) to help businesses stay afloat during the pandemic (here).

Under PPPs, large banks, local lenders and fintech companies have issued millions of government loans to small businesses affected by the blockade. If borrowers spend money on salaries and other business expenses, the government pays the lender on behalf of the borrower (here).

Bobert, 34, made a splash after pledging to carry her Glock pistol when she works at the US Capitol and making statements in support of the debunked QAnon conspiracy theory. The self-proclaimed member of the House of Representatives, “5 feet 100 pounds,” said she intends to protect her right to bear arms under the Second Amendment and the right of her voters, even if something is not done in the capital. just like in Rifle, Colorado, where she runs Shooters Grill (here).

However, ProPublica’s database of tracking companies approved for PPP loans using SBA data does not show an approved loan for Shooters Grill located in Rifle, Colorado (here).

It does show an approved loan for a similar-sounding restaurant Shooters Sports Grill LLC, located in Loveland, Ohio, in the amount of $ 233,305 (here).

There are records of approved loans for other restaurants with similar names in various locations, such as Montana (here), Maryland (here), Tennessee (here) and more (here).

Benjamin Stout, Boebert’s deputy chief and director of public affairs, also told Reuters via email that she “did not receive a PPP loan.”


False. Congressman Lauren Bobert did not receive a PPP loan for her Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. Posts confuse Bobert’s restaurant with another restaurant of the same name in Loveland, Ohio.

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