Facilitating the relationship between homeowner, contractor and real estate


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia., Jul 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pearl Certification, a national firm that provides third-party certification for high performance homes, announces that it has become a trusted partner for Schedule Engine.

The Schedule Engine, a leader in in-home booking solutions, helps contractors deliver convenient and reliable customer service and gives homeowners the flexibility to book how they want, when they want, and connect to the right customer service when they’re at it. need.

Pearl provides homeowners with the tools they need to improve the health, comfort, efficiency and value of their homes by connecting them with elite contractors and real estate agents on the Pearl Professional Network.

Pearl accepts only five percent of all US contractors on Pearl Network – contractors like Schedule Engine customers – who pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time, staying ahead of the market, and delivering the highest level of customer service. homeowners.

“Now more than ever, it is important for homeowners to be able to find and connect with high quality contractors,” he said. Pearl President and co-founder, Robin LeBaron… “The Pearl-Schedule Engine partnership will enable some of the top US contractors to market themselves more effectively for homeowners who value quality work, and for these homeowners to easily plan the value-adding and energy-saving services provided by these elite contractors. “

Pearl’s extensive relationships with real estate professionals will help qualified Schedule Engine contractors more effectively market their investments in quality installation and high performance systems to homeowners and home buyers.

“The Schedule Engine provides the convenience that homeowners are looking for so anyone can make an appointment with an industry-leading contractor at any time,” said Schedule Engine’s head of business development. Guillaume Payenne… “Our partnership with Pearl will enable their highly skilled contractors to take advantage of the Schedule Engine’s exclusive offerings to provide world-class customer service, streamline their operations and book more jobs. We’re thrilled to join forces with Pearl to continue to add value to everything. consumer services industry “.

Together, Pearl and the Schedule Engine equip the best of the best contractors, providing homeowners with convenient tools to improve the health, comfort, efficiency, resilience and resilience of their homes.

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About Pearl Certification

Pearl Certification is a national firm that qualifies an elite network of professionals and certifies high performance homes – homes with efficient heating and cooling equipment, solar panels, smart home devices, reliable features and more. Pearl certification reports drive demand for these features by making them visible at the time of sale, allowing home sellers to assess the value of their investment and buyers to find the homes they want. Find out more at www.pearlcertification.com

About the scheduling module

The Schedule Engine simplifies the booking process and allows you to take advantage of every opportunity, while delivering a consistent customer experience that matches your brand. With Schedule Engine booking solutions, home care professionals can provide convenient and reliable customer service to book more seats while improving the efficiency of dispatchers and technicians. The Schedule Engine provides a personalized experience for both contractor and client, from automated online scheduling to 24/7 expert support in real time with industry-trained professionals. Designed to complement your existing systems, the Schedule Engine can be launched quickly without any internal training or process change. For more information visit http://www.scheduleengine.com

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Facilitating relationships with homeowners, contractors and real estate

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