Evolve Mortgage Services Acquires Electronic Notary Seal and Provides End-to-End Digital Closing of Transactions



FRISCO, TX, Jul 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Evolve Mortgage Services, a leading provider of outsourced mortgage services, closed the acquisition LLC “Electronic Notary Printing”which allows mortgage borrowers to remotely sign and notarize a document from anywhere on any device. Company officials say the deal is the last piece Evolve needs to provide residential lenders and title companies with a fully digital closing process.

As a technology provider, Evolve has integrated a complete library of SMART Docs, e-Sign, eNotary, eVault and e-Registry, as well as services with modern technologies for the post-pandemic world. In addition to digitizing the home buying process for buyers, the Evolve platform is a collaborative system that can be used to transact other types of real estate transactions, including loss mitigation.

“RON became popular during the pandemic and will likely forever become the preferred method of notarizing documents when buying or selling a home,” said Evolve Mortgage Services CEO. Paul Anselmo… “Adding this piece to the puzzle is key to completing our vision for a fully electronic lending process, from disclosure to closure and delivery — all on one platform as opposed to multiple integrations.”

Dallas, texThe E-Notary Seal, powered by the E-Notary Seal, has a platform designed for public notaries that allows mortgage lenders and title insurance companies to take advantage of online notary services to close loans. It gives users the ability to quickly obtain Remote Online Notarization (RON) in all 50 states and provides an easy and innovative way to securely sign, notarize and send documents in minutes. The acquisition enables Evolve to secure the closure of title and mortgage companies through a single end-to-end digital process.

“There are many pony closure suppliers that complete some kind of electronic closure component. But because they rely on older, disparate systems and are only part of the puzzle, they can only offer a patch, ”Anselmo added. … “We already had a complete SMART Doc library and e-signature capabilities. With this missing link, we are now the only provider able to provide a complete digital mortgage on one platform. From disclosure to closure, eSign, eNote, eVault, eDelivery, and now RON, we can do it all. ”

E-Notary Seal was founded in 2019 Felicia Grimes, the notary who has developed the best way to provide notarization online. As part of the acquisition, Grimes joined Evolve Mortgage Services as vice president of the company’s eMortgage business.

“I already knew Evolve Mortgage Services as one of the leading mortgage outsourcing organizations,” said Grimes. “Paul and I regularly discussed the shortcomings of electronic closures, and these conversations inspired me to create an electronic notary seal in 2019. Thus, this acquisition became a continuation of our ongoing relationship. “

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

About Evolve Mortgage Services
Evolve Mortgage Services is a leading provider of outsourced mortgage solutions that have helped hundreds of clients significantly expand and expand their mortgage operations. Founded and operated by a group of industry veterans, Evolve provides comprehensive component or end-to-end lending services and creates tailor-made strategies for each client. The firm has extensive experience in organizing and post-closing services; due diligence of institutional, whole loan and servicing acquisitions; HMDA collateral recovery and compliance forensic examination; sale of the entire loan; agency supplies; and TPR securitization. Evolve is based on Frisco, TX… For more information visit www.EvolveMortgageServices.com

About E-Notary Seal LLC
E-Notary Seal was founded in early 2019 in St. Texas, with the aim of creating a better way for organizations to take advantage of online notary services and to continue to increase the use of notaries in the process of closing houses. E-Notary Seal allows users to perform notary services online in all 50 states using best-in-class tools, processes and technologies. E-Notary Seal is focused on compliance, governance and quality and our NNA certified notaries with years of experience are the best in the industry. Find out more about electronic notary stamp on the website www.e-notaryseal.com

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