Even Biglaw employees struggle to pay off their huge student loans



This is a seemingly absurd position: you can make enough money to have very high taxes, but home ownership is completely unaffordable. I say this as a very lucky person.

Marcella Jane, the third year of a Foley & Lardner lawyer who now raises over $ 215,000, commenting significant student loan debt after college and law school. Jane, a single mother with two children, paid $ 2,200 a month from her balance sheet of $ 180,000 before the federal moratorium on student loans was imposed. “We were heading for the cliff,” she said of the provision of child care for special needs coupled with a monthly loan payment that was higher than her monthly Manhattan rent. While Jane is grateful for the delay, she says she is looking for something more. “I feel like it’s a patch. I want a change in politics. “

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