Estate agents who pay NCAA athletes will benefit. That’s why.



There has been a historic change in the rule regarding “name, image, similarity“Which allows college athletes to earn a legitimate salary. Estate agents can now partner with and pay NCAA athletes. They can use their personal brand to promote your business.

So, real estate agents have to line up to partner with the right ones.

For years, the only way for agents to get something out of sports partnerships was by sponsoring a professional or youth team. My agent is here in Orlando Veronica Figueroa, is an official partner of the Orlando City football team and has its own branding on the high school football field. I have friends in Tampa Duncan Duet, which are the official sponsors and partners of Tampa Bay Lightning.

But deals with professional sports teams can be expensive. There are very few agents who even get the opportunity to shoot one, because there is often an exclusive sponsor for each industry. Plus, most agents don’t even have a professional sports team in the local market.

However, there are colleges in almost every city. There is a college athletes anywhere who has strong local fans. The people who hire you watch, follow and love them.

This new feature isn’t just for the big schools and top players in the most popular sports. Sure, soccer and basketball are two of the most popular college sports with the best-known players, but smart agents will be looking for opportunities beyond them. Most likely, they will spend less.

Think about volleyball. Think about golf. Think about lacrosse, swimming and soccer. Think about athletics. Think about baseball, gymnastics, tennis, and hockey. These sports also have passionate fans.

One of the clear benefits of partnering with NCAA athletes is that they often have a large number of subscribers on social networks – more and more interested than yours.

Conveniently, they are especially popular on platforms where most real estate agents still haven’t received much support, such as TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram… Tons of college athletes have a massive following on TikTok. You won’t. They can help you connect with people you would not be able to reach without them.

When considering who to hire, be realistic: the best athletes in the country are not for you. Tennessee Rookie Basketball Player (and son of Master Pi) Hersey Miller has already signed a $ 2 million contract to become an Ambassador for Web Apps America.

TikTok Influencers and Fresno State Basketball Players Hannah and Hayley Cavinder signed a contract with Boost Mobile and is projected to earn $ 3 million a year.

They earn more than their coach.

Miami gym owner even suggested all 90 Miami hurricanes $ 500 per month work out in the gym – $ 540,000. However, no matter your budget, you will have smart marketing opportunities with college athletes. If the Miami soccer team trains at your gyms, it will make a lot of other people sign up for memberships.

What exactly do you need to do to get the most out of this investment?

# 1, focus on the marketing you’re already doing and add them to that. If you’ve consistently sent direct mail to the same area, announce the partnership by mail. If you use Facebook ads, or if you do email marketing, or if you make a YouTube video, or if you post on Instagram, let us know.

Play attack. Don’t just rely on the fact that they will write about you to their subscribers. Write about them to all yours. What I think is going to happen is that strategic agents will get a ROI from their partnerships in the NCAA.

Here are some examples of what I would do:

I would hire three of the best footballers from the UCF, which is right across the street from me, to open the clinic for the day. Then I would invite high school students who are in grade 11 or 12 who want to continue playing football in college.

Thirty or forty children will come and the UCF players will teach them everything they know about the transition. So it’s insanely beneficial for the people who visit, but it’s right in the athletes’ wheelhouse.

People whose children are about to graduate from high school and go to college are making massive transactions – empty slots. In fact, according to Millionacres, “21% sellers stated that the desire for a smaller home was the main reason for their desire to move. Usually this movement is common among those who empty into the nest, who no longer need as much space as they once did.

My kids haven’t finished high school yet, but I can tell you that we already know we are moving out of our house as soon as they leave.

You don’t ask athletes to leave show at home or come to your open house. You ask them to do what they love – play and learn football. In return, you can advertise a free soccer clinic.

Post it to social media. Take advantage of this for email marketing. Tell all your past clients about it. By the way, put it on the local news because the press will want to cover these stories. Any athlete with a cool contract with a local company can get free advertising right now.

Clearly, it could also be a baseball clinic, or a golf clinic, or a volleyball clinic. In fact, the more you actually love, play, or have children, the better. If you hate basketball, don’t hire a basketball team. If you hate football, make fun of it, and never watch it, then don’t have a soccer competition.

I also think there are more traditional things that you could do, like signing autographs and meeting people. Invite as many people as possible to come and ask someone with a clipboard to take pictures and get information so you can send them pictures.

Make sure that when people register online for an event like this, they tick the box “If you are buying or selling a home soon, we can help you.” This way you will be able to find the right leads. Pick up the microphone during the event, thank everyone for coming and ask about their business.

You can also run sweepstakes or contests. For example: “I have partnered with the best volleyball player at UCLA and we are handing out X. Here’s how you log in: follow us on Instagram, fill out this form and be on the lookout for the day we announce the winner. ”

Contests and sweepstakes are a huge hit on social media. I used one to double my instagram following in just 30 days. It may not be as strategic as the 12th grade parenting idea, but it can get very broad and add thousands of people to your database in a single campaign.

If you have a booth at a local festival, which I see a lot of agents do, you can invite one of these college students to join you. This will drive more visitors to the kiosk, more photos to share on social media, and more opportunities to connect with your sales force.

I see a lot my clients hosting these truly amazing past client events. I’ve seen them rent out cinemas. I saw how they were kept in pumpkin beds with hayfields. Really smart agents benefit from their past clients.

I could see NCAA athletes attending your next past client event, and instead of 40 of your past clients, 80 of them came. They can meet the person, take a photo, sign something, and hear him give a speech. It’s all thanks to you.

In real estate, it has been proven that approval leads to business development. I’m not saying support for an NCAA athlete will be as strong as support for Dave Ramsey or Barbara Corcoran. But you still get support from a popular and reliable local person.

Be sure to keep in mind that you may find yourself in a situation where the best athlete from your local city goes to college elsewhere. A friend of mine grew up doing all kinds of sports in Lakeland, Florida, but went to UCLA to play college football.

Everyone in our hometown knows him. He may not be a local college athlete because he moved west, but you must also identify these people. When they come back for the summer or vacation, you can have some big events with them.

Right now, the joy of this change is at an all-time high. I think there will be a first mover advantage when it comes to advertising and press. I think people who do it well will have a really good return on investment.

So where do you start? Some of them are going to negotiate with you in their private messages on Instagram. Send them a message. Some of them will require you to go through their school. Call their school. Some of them will indeed have agents to nudge you towards, who will negotiate on their behalf. Contact their representatives.

Chris Smith is the co-founder of Curaytor in Orlando, Florida. Contact him at Instagram or Twitter


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