Estate agents can learn about the benefits of living by the sea



Living coastlines in oyster bags effectively stabilize the eroding coastline as well as preserve the coastal environment. Photo: LLC “Restoration Systems”.

We invite real estate professionals to join next month’s seminar on the benefits of living coastlines for coastal property.

The free online seminar will be held from 9:00 to 13:00 on September 2 at: Webex… The organizers ask participants to join 15 minutes early in order to verify their real estate license number. registration before the event is not required. IN agenda online.

The organizers plan to share the benefits and limitations of using a living shoreline for erosion control, various methods of shoreline stabilization, including live shorelines, a live shoreline permitting process; the use of marsh plants and oysters to prevent erosion; and projects of a vibrant coastline in North Carolina.

Real estate professionals will receive four optional continuing education loans from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Before the seminar, the organizers ask participants to familiarize themselves with Virtual Workshop Best Practices

The workshop is being hosted by the State Department of Environmental Quality, the North Carolina Coastal Region Federation and the North Carolina Sea Grant.


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