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Escanaba’s Salvation Army helps with late rents and mortgage payments



ESKANABA, Michigan (WLUC) – With the announcement of the end of the federal moratorium on evictions, The Salvation Army stands ready to help people facing eviction. $ 20,000 has been made available through the EFSP-CARES Act to help families who find themselves homeless.

“These are unprecedented times and many families affected by job loss or reduced working hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic need more help as we return to new norms,” said Captain Doug Winters, Salvation Army Regional Coordinator for the Central District. UP As part of a coordinated effort, families in Marquette County will also be eligible for this assistance. “It’s a practical way to fight homelessness by keeping people in their homes.”

This assistance will help overcome the burden on the Salvation Army’s seasonal homeless shelter program in Escanaba, as well as shelters in Marquette County, by reducing the number of homeless people.

This urgent assistance comes directly from the national office of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army issued a statement on Friday to end the federal moratorium on evictions:

On behalf of the 30 million people we serve in the United States every year, The Salvation Army believes that the most important action we can take to help vulnerable people is to help them stay in their homes to prevent a new wave of homelessness. Currently, the federal government estimates that 1.2 million households are “very likely” to face eviction for non-payment of rent over the next two months. In addition, the Salvation Army has seen an increase in requests for financial services over the past 18 months, indicating an already strained population of people in need. The distribution of federal aid to help them has progressed slowly, and social services operate with limited resources. Despite these factors, The Salvation Army is committed to helping everyone who walks through our doors, and we ask those who can help us to ensure that hope remains for the most vulnerable in our communities after the expulsion moratorium ends. ”

Paying these funds must comply with federal regulations. Participants must apply to DHHS SER and have other specific documentation. To facilitate this aid, the Salvation Army is asking residents to write WUM.Escanaba@usc.salvationarmy.org

Phone calls are not accepted for CARES funding due to documentation requirements. The Salvation Army will email residents with a list of required documentation, which includes a DHHS letter, a signed lease statement, a copy of state-issued ID, and other information. Only after all the necessary information has been collected and sent will an appointment be made to discuss eligibility. At this time, the family budget will also be discussed.

Here’s how you can help:

Donations are encouraged during this crisis.

Send a check to The Salvation Army, 3001 South 5th Ave., Escanaba, MI 49829 or The Salvation Army, 1009 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette, MI 49855.

Online donations can be made on our website at SAescanaba.org or SAmarquette.org and select “Donate Now”. Online donations are allocated to the Salvation Army division in the donor’s zip code.

About The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army, the evangelical part of the worldwide Christian church, has supported those in need in His name without discrimination since 1865. Nearly 33 million Americans receive help from The Salvation Army each year through the widest array of social services that range from food for the hungry, disaster relief, disability relief, elderly and sick assistance, clothing and shelter for the homeless, and opportunities for low-income children. families. The Salvation Army tracks needs across the country with the Human Needs Index (HumanNeedsIndex.org).

The Salvation Army has been working continuously, serving the people of the central UP for 130 years. Locally, the Salvation Army operates several pantries, lunchtime programs, programs for children, ongoing work with families in need, and emergency services. Seasonal programs include backpacks and school supplies, a Christmas toy store and Christmas baskets. In this service industry, 90 cents of every dollar raised is used to support programs and services. 100% of every donation marked COVID-19 will go directly to services in our community.

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