Erica Jane said she didn’t know about the multimillion dollar loan



  • Erica Jane told her RHOBH colleagues that she was unaware of her husband’s loan to her company.
  • Tom Girardi reportedly transferred $ 20 million from his law firm to Jane’s EJ Global.
  • Girardi is accused of stealing millions from the families of the victims of the plane crash.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returned on Wednesday night, and again focused on Erica Jane’s ongoing legal drama

The actors confronted Jane about Los angeles times expose published in December 2020 detailing the divorce of her and husband Tom Girardi and the crumbling empire after Girardi accused of stealing millions from widows and orphans his firm represented the victims of the plane crash in the village.

The article also mentions an allegation first made in a 2019 lawsuit by a company that once loaned money to Girardi’s law firm, Girardi Keese, that Girardi transferred $ 20 million in loans from funds taken from his firm to Jane’s entertainment company. (This statement was also mentioned in the June ABC News Housewife and Prostitute.)

Erica and Tom Girardi

Girardi is accused of stealing millions from the victims of the plane crash.

Steve Eichner / NameFace / SIPA USA

Sutton Strack directly asked Jane, who parted ways with Girardi in November, about a lawsuit at Kyle Richards’ Christmas dinner, calling him “the 20 millionth elephant in the room.”

“Why does the newspaper say that $ 20 million went to your LLC?” she continued.

“The obvious question is, did you know anything about this?” Richards intervened. “As your friend, I don’t think you did it.”

“No, I didn’t,” Jane replied.

Strakke continued to question Jane, saying: “I have several LLCs, if this money really went there, you might have noticed or doubted it.”

“I was kept away from books,” Jane replied.

“Even your own LLC? It would drive me crazy, ”Strakke said.

“It was,” Jane retorted.

Erica and Tom Girardi

Jane and Girardi.


Jane also talked about how Girardi testified in September 2020 that he lost “about $ 80 million, or $ 50 million in cash.”

“One of the lawyers said, ‘Where is the money?’ I said, “Go talk to Tom,” Jane told her colleagues. “What I want to say is this. I didn’t know that. Nobody knows the answer but him.”

“Where does the $ 80 million go?” Lisa Rinna asked her.

“Only he can answer that question,” Jane replied.

Jane also touched on Girardi’s mental state. In previous episodes of RHOBH, she said that the personality of the famous personal injury attorney “has completely changed.” after he rolled off a cliff in 2017 and was unconscious for 12 hours.

Psychiatrist diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease in Girardi an affidavit was filed in court earlier this year. The psychological assessment was part of Brother Girardi’s petition to become his permanent guardian.

Erica Jane o "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Jane on Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


“I think what happened to Tom here is that he is mentally incapable and he is solely in control of his firm,” Jane said. “I think we are dealing with a person who has decreased ability to control the situation, and who does not do the right thing. Because if he stole the money, I would like to know where it is. You know, it’s true. “

Jane also told her colleagues that she believed “victims need to be taken care of”.

“I’m not worried about me, I’m the last one in all this,” she continued. “These people are owed money. But we need to see what this man has done. ”

In July, a judge ruled that Jane obliged to pay three former clients of her husband against the backdrop of his bankruptcy case and accusations of embezzling the settlement money from them. These clients were owed $ 11 million.

This week, Girardi’s law firm, which filed for bankruptcy in December – started the sale of all his physical assets, including the lace red lingerie bought by Girardi and the Erica Jane Collectibles pack.


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