Eric Adams, Real Estate and the Mystery of Why Crime Happened in New York



Eric Adams (Getty, Robmagin1 / Wikimedia)

Eric Adams (Getty, Robmagin1 / Wikimedia)

Bill Bratton, Ray Kelly, Thomas O’Neill and Rudy Giuliani know exactly what drove the crime up in New York: they certainly knew.

Police Commissioners’ strategies – CompStat, pinpoint control, stopping and verifying, data analysis, and more – and the mayor’s approach of zero tolerance coincided with the breathtaking drop in crime that lasted from the early 1990s to the pandemic.

The real estate industry has done well. Nothing is more important to the value of homes, offices and retail space than being able to travel safely to and from them. As trust grew in metros, parks, and areas that were once considered dangerous, so did rents and prices. Tourism doubled and trade corridors flourished. Foreign specialists flocked here to work.

The reality is no one knows why crime fell… But to give credit to the New York City police and political leadership would be to ignore this crime simultaneously in cities across the country, as well as in many other countries. The drop was especially noticeable in New York, where number of murders from 2,245 in 1990 to 292 in 2017, in part because crime was incredibly high in the beginning.

Theories abound. Improved police technology and strategy – focusing on prevention rather than arrests and response times, for example – probably played a role, but stopping and searching almost certainly did not, given that crime continued to fall as it existed. practice. reduced from 686,000 stops in 2011 to just over 13,000 in 2019.

The increase in the size of the NYPD, which began with Mayor David Dinkins rather than his successor Giuliani, probably helped as studies show what adding police officers reduces crime… But Mayor Michael Bloomberg cut the police force by several thousand, believing fewer police officers are needed because crime has dropped. And he continued to fall.

Some observers have linked the legalization of abortion in 1973 to the fall in crime 17 years later, when these unwanted children would start breaking the law. A more likely factor was the abandonment of leaded gasoline. since 1975This has led to a huge reduction in the amount of airborne lead particles that damage the brains of urban children. The likely result is that urban men who came of age in the 1990s and 2000s had better impulse control than their 1970s and 1980s counterparts.

The fact is, New York’s politics and politics had nothing to do with the fall in crime. And they probably had nothing to do with the rise in crime in 2020 – it rose in most U.S. cities last year as the pandemic disrupted daily routines and increased stress.

Why, then, New Yorkers – and especially real estate executives – to choose former police captain, Eric Adamshow is their next mayor?

One reason is that most of them do believe that the mayor can influence crime. They did not look through the official documents of criminologists and sociologists, trying in vain to figure out why crime is rising and decreasing. What they do know is that crime has increased in the past 18 months and New Yorkers feel less secure.

They also feel the growing tension between the police and the black community following the assassination of George Floyd. Given the choice of candidates, Adams appeared to be the best equipped to deal with crime, police reform, and police-public relations.

Most real estate managers – even those who believe that Giuliani and Bloomberg have solved the problem of crime – understand that the police are not perfect. Some even realize that law enforcement deficiencies contribute to crime. There is a reason why street culture is calling for revenge for petty bullies rather than trusting the police to administer justice.

Adams was the only candidate for mayor with authority and desire criticize the police and the people they arrest. Some mocked him Stop Sagging Initiative so that young people stop walking around with naked underwear, but his constituents agreed with him and respected his courage to speak up.

Adams He speaks he has a recipe to fix everything. It is unknown if Adams will be able to make an omelet, but we do know this: he is ready to break eggs.


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