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United States: Edge Data Centers: Opportunities for Real Estate in the Northeast

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Delays have always been a problem for both organizations and data center operators; especially as the demand for big data, wearable technologies, cloud and streaming services and other technology trends continues to grow in both the number of devices and the number of users. Now more than ever, end users and devices require faster, more reliable and immediate access from anywhere, anytime to applications, services and data hosted in data centers, and latency is no longer an acceptable barrier. Edge Computing and Edge Data Centers (EDCs) provide a unique and cost-effective solution to meet these growing demands, which, when properly designed, can offer interested property owners, investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to generate financial returns.

EDC is a smaller data warehouse that sits close to the serving population and delivers cloud computing resources and cached content to end users. Typically connected to a larger central data center or multiple EDCs, EDC processes data and services as close to its users as possible, enabling organizations to minimize latency and improve user experience. EDC gets its name from the concept of edge computing. Edge computing is “a distributed computing model that takes place near a physical location where data is collected and analyzed,” and that securely processes that data in real time on site. IDC, a global marketing company, estimates that by 2025, nearly half of the data generated globally will be used on edge devices. Edge computing is likely to revolutionize and transform the way organizations process and analyze data and open doors to limitless possibilities.

This white paper serves to identify and discuss: key characteristics of EDC; their key industry applications; and the specific opportunities of the North-East for real estate owners, investors and entrepreneurs, for their development and operation.

The content of this article is intended to provide general guidance on the subject. You should seek professional advice regarding your specific circumstances.

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