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Christy Colmetz said that since she teamed up in RE / MAX with her mother Caroline Bryant in RE / MAX in 2016, the duo has only had one goal – superior customer service.

A major part of that goal, she says, is innate knowledge in the area to help find the right buyer or seller to assign them, and build relationships that go beyond the client / agent transaction.

“We know some nuances – there are many different factors that come into play when you are evaluating a home, and if you are not an agent in this area, sometimes you may miss some of the key points that you need to pay attention to when listing.” – said Christie. “There are many great agents in this area, but I think as a buyer or seller in this market it is important to have an experienced agent who knows the area.”

Since the team was formed in early 2016, they have become a fairly dynamic duo in Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Shepherd Park Plaza and other surrounding areas. Christie draws on her marketing expertise in architecture, design and contracting and Caroline shares her many years of experience.

“It wasn’t new to me, I just applied it differently,” said Christie. “My mom just wanted someone to work with while she continued to grow her business.

The last year and a half have certainly been the most unique for the couple: the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath are slowly returning to normal. But instead of discouraging them, Christie said that the mother and daughter team continues to thrive.

Overall, the Houston region is seeing a surge in sales as more people need a good home, and Christie said the situation hasn’t changed for the duo in their domestic cycle markets.

“It was a great year for both of us – I think we are both working harder than ever,” she said.

Christie said that not only has she been pivotal in finding the perfect match, but she has also seen the relationships Caroline has developed during her time in the real estate industry and is committed to doing the same with her clients. And a critical part of that, she says, is her and her mother’s personal ties to the area.

Christie is a longtime resident of Shepherd Park Plaza and attended St. Rose of Lim Catholic Church and St. Pius X High School in Garden Oaks and Oak Forest. This is her home, and she and Carolyn are committed to helping their clients find the same perfect outfit.

“I like getting to know my clients. Obviously, this is a big deal for them – possibly the biggest deal they will make. I love getting to know them on a personal level, explaining that there will be some hiccups along the way, and try to prepare them for this in the foreground as much as possible, ”she said. “I am proud to try to meet and manage their expectations, so there are not many surprises. And at the end of the day, I keep in touch with most – if not all – of my clients on a regular basis. ”

It looks like the effort has paid off.

“It was wonderful working with Christie to sell my house. She thought through every detail and took the initiative on any questions that might arise while it was up for sale, ”said one salesman about Christie. “She was a consummate professional and helped me submit my house and propose within two days.”

Kolmetz previously ranked 2nd in The Leader’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Real Estate Agent, and Caroline Bryant’s RE / MAX Metro team was named Best Real Estate Company.

“Christie had an impeccable response time and was very knowledgeable,” said client Jennifer G. “She was able to make me feel like her only client and that she really cares about my best interests.”

Despite all the uncertainty, Christie and Caroline stepped out on the other side, as did their clients. You are in safe hands of the mother and daughter team, whether you want to buy or sell.

Christie can be contacted at 281-723-9801 or kristi@kristikolmetz.com… Caroline can be reached at 281-723-810 or carolyn@carolynbryant.com

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