Durham and Carey join Raleigh on the list of the most popular US real estate markets, according to research.



RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The real estate markets in Durham and Cary are sizzling even more than the rest of the Triangle. study from WalletHub.

How hot is it? Durham was ranked 7th in the country and Carey was 12th. Raleigh came in 48th and Charlotte in 51st.

WalletHub’s analysis ranked the 300 most populous cities on two key dimensions: the urban real estate market, which accounts for 80% of the city’s rankings, and the region’s accessibility and economic environment, which account for 20% of the city’s rankings.

The authors argue that a weighted average was calculated using a 100-point scale to determine the best cities, with 100 being the strongest housing market.

Durham scored 68.89, ranking 7th overall and 4th among mid-sized markets, while Carey scored 67.26, ranking 12th overall and 7th among mid-sized markets.

Raleigh scored 61.65, ranking 48th and 9th among the major markets.

Durham scored high in part due to his metrics on two criteria analyzed by WalletHub:

  • short average days in the market, where the market took third place
  • lower home maintenance costs as a percentage of income, where the market comes first.

There are no signs of declining demand in the Triangle. Triangle real estate market Overall competitive: As of the end of July, the average selling price was up 14.7% YTD and 18.4% over the average selling price at the end of July 2020.

Triangle real estate remains popular: prices jump 18% – inflation rate more than tripled

Demand does not seem to be declining and prices in the market may continue to rise in the coming months. According to a recent study from DeedClaim, there is a housing shortage in the Triangle, and this shortage is one of the most severe in the country.

This study found Raleigh and Durham ranked in the top 20 cities in the nation that are currently experiencing housing shortages, with Raleigh ranking 5th and Durham ranking 16th. Fayetteville is ranked 8th.

The study measured the fewest available housing versus demand based on Realtor.com data, taking into account active listings and weighting expected population growth over the course of the year.

Earlier this month, Realtor.com released its own report, which said the Raleigh area zip code of 27616 was one of the most sought after zip codes in the country, ranking fifth in the country. Raleigh also ranked among the top three markets where inventories fell the most from the previous year, according to the agency. study released earlier this month by Redfin, which Reported by WRAL News earlier this month.


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