Don’t miss the TRD Weekend Edition for some of the highlights in real estate



Promotional version of The Real Deal Weekend Edition

No one can compare with the beloved Alex Trebek – it’s stupid to even try. However, as “Danger!” having some trouble auditioning new hosts, we thought we’d try our hand at the real estate category with some previews of our upcoming weekend release:

  • This 11-time NBA champion has just listed his Pacific Northwest home with a huge bathtub and open shower – seemingly large enough to accommodate a nearly 7-foot man.
  • This unicorn, backed by Softbank, has partnered with an air taxi firm to transform its unused rooftops into futuristic runways.
  • This California city, devastated by wildfires, is buying up huge tracts of hard-to-reach land to turn it into parkland and prevent more vulnerable homes from being built there.
  • Plans to expand this popular ski resort, which once hosted the Winter Olympics, have been frozen by an appeals court, which canceled a long-planned construction due to environmental concerns.

Stumped? Come back to TRD all weekend in search of answers – or, rather, questions. Until then, do a real daily take with two of our most popular picks over the weekend:

Be sure to answer in the form of a question and stay tuned TRD a weekend release that will reveal some of them. The rest are within the distance of a bright red hyperlink. However, remember that this is not real estate – it is just a game. Thus, one should not play quickly and freely with the rules.


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