Dollar Bank Announces 22nd Annual Free Mortgage Seminar in Cleveland



CLEVELAND, June 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dollar Bank22nd annual Mortgage for mom Home buying workshop returns to Saturday, 12 June 2021… This year the free seminar will be offered virtually. This program, which began as a workshop for single mothers in 1999, has expanded over the years and is now available to anyone looking to learn how to stop renting and start owning property.

The Mortgage for Mothers Seminar is a training seminar for participants that provides information on the possibilities of credit and credit advisory services, ways of saving and how the mortgage process works. Highlights also include testimonials from new homeowners who interrupted their rental cycle with the help of Dollar Bank credit counselors. Danita Harris, News Anchor 5, will be the guest host.

“It’s hard to know where to start if you want to become a homeowner. We break down this process and empower our visitors, preparing them for what comes next. Our workshop goal is to make this process manageable by sharing our educational resources and offering time with experts in credit counseling, budgeting and mortgages, “said Morton Stanfield, Senior Vice President, Community Development. “Dollar Bank believes everyone deserves the opportunity to take their first steps towards home ownership.”

Mortgages for Mothers are just part of Dollar Bank’s efforts to help potential borrowers in need of credit creation. Seminar participants will be encouraged to continue working with Dollar Bank consultants, in addition to attending the Mortgage for Mothers seminar. Dorothy Curtis, Vice President of Community Development, works closely with members of Dollar Bank’s home ownership program. “Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially if you’re not sure about your financial situation. The loan training and advice we provide creates a safety net that translates into low mortgage interest rates and homeowners who are ready to own home, ”Curtis describes. Assistance includes educational classes, private credit rehabilitation counseling, special savings programs, and other informational and motivational group activities.

Online Mortgage Mortgage Seminar for Mothers on Home Buying starts at 9:30 AM. Saturday, 12 June 2021… To register, call 1-800-345-3655 or online by phone

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