Does Sirius Real Estate (LON: SRE) deserve a spot on your watchlist?



Some have more dollars than common sense, they say, so even companies with no revenue, no profit, and no setbacks can easily find investors. But, as Warren Buffett mused, “If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and still don’t know who the brat is, then you are an idiot.” When they buy such historic stocks, investors all too often become irritable.

In contrast to all this, I prefer to spend time with companies like Sirius Real Estate (LON: SRE), which has not only revenue, but also profit. I am not saying that stocks are necessarily undervalued today; but I cannot shake off the appreciation for the profitability of the business itself. Unprofitable companies always strive for financial stability, but time is often a friend of a profitable company, especially if it is growing.

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How fast is Sirius Real Estate increasing earnings per share?

If you think the markets are in any way efficient, then in the long run you can expect a company’s stock price to match its earnings per share (EPS). So it comes as no surprise that I enjoy investing in companies with EPS growth. Sirius Real Estate has managed to increase its earnings per share by 17% per annum over three years. These are good growth rates if they can be sustained.

Careful accounting of revenue growth and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) can help provide insight into the sustainability of recent earnings growth. I would like to note that the revenue of Sirius Real Estate from operations was lower than its earnings in the past twelve months, so that may have skewed my analysis of its profitability. While we note that Sirius Real Estate’s EBIT margin has not changed over the past year, revenues were up 12% to € 170 million. This is progress.

You can see the trend of the company’s revenue and earnings growth in the chart below. For a more detailed view, click the image.

income and income history

income and income history

Of course, the skill is to find stocks whose best days are in the future, not in the past. You can of course base your opinion on past work, but you may also want to check out this interactive earnings per share forecast chart of a professional analyst for Sirius Real Estate

Are Sirius Real Estate insiders in agreement with all shareholders?

I like it when company leaders have some stake in the game, so to speak, because it increases the alignment of incentives between the people running the business and its true owners. So it’s nice to see that Sirius Real Estate insiders have poured significant capital into the stock. In fact, they own EUR 19 million in shares. This indicates significant interest and may indicate a belief in the business strategy. Even though they only make up 1.7% of the company, the value of this investment is enough to show that there are many opportunities for insiders to participate in this venture.

Should you add Sirius properties to your watchlist?

A positive moment for Sirius Real Estate is EPS growth. It’s good to see it. In the same way that polishing makes silverware popular, the high level of insider ownership heightens my enthusiasm for this growth. This combination makes me happy, so I would consider leaving the company on the watch list. However, please be aware that Sirius Real Estate Shows 4 warning signs in our investment analysis , and 2 of them concern …

You can invest in any company you want. But if you’d rather focus on stocks that have demonstrated insider buying, here’s a list of companies that have made insider purchases in the past three months.

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