Does Auto Credit Express make a request for a hard loan?



Our readers often ask us how much it will affect their creditworthiness if they use our services. Firstly, Car loan Express is not a lender, so we never take your loan. But this does not mean that your credit will not be checked. Let’s take a look at how this process works and how you can get the most out of your purchases with the least damage to your credit history.

Why is my loan being withdrawn?

You may not be approved for most types of financing until the lender reviews your credit reports and ratings. People ask us all the time about this part of the car loan process. Answer this question we received recently:

“I allow my application to expire. If I applied again, are you making a hard loan and could you potentially deny me a car loan? “

When you fill out our post, free car loan application formYou are asking to contact a dealership in your area that works with people in difficult credit situations, such as bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcy. We are not a lender, therefore we are not the ones who attract you for a loan.

However, the partner dealerships we work with send your request to their lender or lenders to see if they can help you get the loan you are looking for. When this happens, your loan is withdrawn (viewed).

In order for the lender to determine if you are the right fit for them, they look at your credit reports, and this is called a hard request. These types of loan requests are initiated when you start the loan application process and can temporarily lower your credit rating, but usually this decrease is only five to 20 points for up to 12 months.

On the other hand, if you are not applying for a new line of credit, like all those prequalified credit card offers you receive in the mail, or if you are checking your credit yourself, this is considered a soft requirement. It will not damage your credit history.

Can I Minimize Credit Rating Damage?

The more you increase your search, the more damage can be done. This is because you can use a tactic that allows you to shop for a specific type of loan for a short period of time – usually two weeks. It is called evaluate purchases

Is Auto Credit Express interfering with my loan?By applying for multiple loans of the same type within two weeks, the credit bureaus can tell you that you are looking for a certain type of loan, and not just voluntarily apply. If you continue to search for a loan in the buy rates window, all credit checks will show up in your reports, but just one hard press will affect your credit rating.

Buying rates allows you to compare the interest rates and loan terms of multiple lenders without each affecting your credit rating. Done right and quickly, you can lessen the serious damage to your credit rating and choose the right auto lender for your situation.

How car loans affect your loan

Car loans can affect your credit in many ways; both good and bad. It’s all about how you handle the loan. If you buy a car with cash, it has no chance of helping you get a loan. However, if you finance, accepting the loan and making payments on time during the term of the loan can provide a higher credit rating.

Since auto loans are usually issued for several years, they can help you create a positive payment history that accounts for 35% of your FICO credit rating – the most widely used credit scoring model among lenders. However, if you struggle to make a payment or fall behind on a loan, the negative consequences can be devastating. Negative ratings can quickly hurt your credit score and can take time to build.

Are you ready to increase your loan with a car loan?

If you’re ready to build your loan, a car loan is a great way to get started. Not sure where to go? We got you covered. IN Car loan ExpressWe have established a nationwide network of specialized financial dealerships that work with subprime lenders. These lenders know there is more to the borrower than a credit rating and are more likely to take the risk of the borrower in that boat.

Of course, you must prove that you meet several requirements before you can apply for a loan. Most subprime lenders are looking for consumers who are capable, stable and willing to take out a car loan. You can read more about the subprime loan requirements. right here on our website

Or, if you’re ready to start the process, just complete our zero commitments. car loan application form… We will immediately find a dealership for you in your area.


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