Do you want to sell your home quickly? Contact Realnet Florida Real Estate



Do you want to take advantage of the seller’s market but have special or unique circumstances that might make it difficult to sell your home? If so, you must contact Realnet Florida Real Estate.

With over 20 years of experience in the Tampa real estate market, Realnet agents understand sellers’ needs and can provide fast closing deals when sellers never pay real estate commissions. Is your home in serious need of renovation? Are banks shy about giving home loans? These are questions that may deter sellers from exploring their options, but Realnet Florida Real Estate is here to say that it has found many win-win situations for sellers and there are no problems.

Realnet Florida Real Estate always strives to buy homes for cash throughout Hillsborough County as well as surrounding counties. He will buy your home as it is tomorrow or later, depending on your circumstances. You won’t find this flexibility anywhere else. They have a proven track record of rebuilding precarious and obsolete homes to their former glory, and they either sell them in the retail market or include them in their rental property network.

You have nothing to lose. Barbara Burke, Agent and Office Manager at Realnet Florida Real Estate, looks forward to your call: “If you have a home you would like to sell in any area of ​​the Tampa Bay area, contact us today. We will be happy to talk to you and tell you how we buy houses. Most importantly, we want to know about your circumstances and what you are looking for. We can relieve you of the stress in the process. And of course we will cover all your closing costs, so the agreed price is the amount you get when we buy your home. ”

For more information visit or call 288-8000. You can write to Burka at… Realnet Florida Real Estate is located at 1902 W. Main St., 1st Floor in Tampa.


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