DJ Trahan: Results of the first round of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic



In his first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, DJ Trahan won 12 of 14 fairways and 12 of 18 greens in normal mode, finishing with an equal denomination for the tournament. Trahan finished his round with an equal 56th place with an equal denomination; Brandon Hagee is ranked 1st, 7th junior; Davis Thompson ranks 2nd with 6 less; and Matthew Wolf, Satoshi Kodaira, Seamus Power and Tom Lewis tied for third place with 5th less.

After running 281 yards on a 577-yard 17th par-5, Trahan made his third 5-foot throw, which he threw at the bird with one shot to the hole. This moved Trahan 1 less per round.

Trahan took a bogeyman on a 455-yard par-4 18, going to the green in 3 and 2 putting shots, and Trahan was equal at par.

In a par-4 second, Trahan’s 168 yards to 5 feet approach set him up for a bird on the hole. This moved Trahan 1 less per round.

In race five, at 167 yards par-3, Trahan’s tee shot went 153 yards to the right and his chip went 13 yards towards the green, where he threw two shots for the bogey. This prompted him even to round.

On a 552-yard seventh par-5, Trahan entered the green with 4 and 2 puts for bogey, bringing Trahan 1 point per round.

At a 207 yard ninth par-3, Trahan threw a tee shot 187 yards across the grass, preparing for an 8-foot birdie shot. This moved Trahan to an equal position in the round.


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