Developers have chosen a colorful bench large enough to call the area an “arts district”



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LANCING, Michigan. In an effort to maximize revenue from newly built properties they were trying to sell, local developers Wellstone & Associates reportedly decided on Tuesday that a nearby colorful bench was enough to qualify the area as an “art district.” “The bench is red, yellow, green and blue, and it looks like someone somewhere has put a little creativity into its design, so for the purposes of our list, I think we can go ahead and call it trendy and promising. artist Mecca, ”developer Kelsey Cross said, adding that seeing a bearded man in a flannel shirt walk by was probably enough to tell potential buyers that this was the area where all the creative people were hanging out. “There are beautiful yellow flowers and a couple of restaurants with colorful signage that you could probably say bring in ‘authentic flair’ or something. A plus there is all this green space between the road and the sidewalk, like where this colorful bench is. Yes, this is definitely a thriving arts district. ” Developers also reportedly decided that having a Starbucks three miles from the construction site was enough to claim the area was “charming local café culture.”


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