Delay on bank loans fell in June





The rate of delinquency on loans denominated in South Korean banks fell to a record low in June due to a reduction in delinquent corporate loans, the financial regulator said on Thursday.

According to the Financial Supervision Service (FSS), the rate on bank loans overdue more than 30 days was 0.25 percent at the end of June, up from 0.32 percent in the previous month.

Compared to last year, in June the rate decreased by 0.08 percentage points.

The level of delinquencies on corporate loans decreased by 0.09 percentage points to 0.31 percent in June, while the corresponding figure for housing loans decreased by 0.03 percentage points to 0.17 percent.

In terms of household lending, home loan delinquency rates fell 0.01 percentage points to 0.11 percent in June, while the rate on unsecured and other home loans fell 0.07 percentage points to 0.3 percent, the FSS reported. … (Yonhap)


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