DEAL: Troy Parrott completes full season lease of MK Donsu



Once, after Troy Parrott faced off against the Don’s MP in Tottenham Hotspur Preseason friendly, he is now putting on a jersey. Spurs announced today that Parrott has moved to Dons on loan for the season.

This step seems to be progressing very quickly. The first message that Parrott was about to move to Milton Keynes came this morning via a tweet from Mike McGrath in the Telegraph. Several hours later, pictures of Parrot were taken at the stadium: MK received advertising photos taken before the announcement.

Parrot fell slightly in the hype after a string of mixed credits last season – he crashed at Millwall, where he suffered an early injury and barely played. He was recalled from the London club and then returned to the division in the First League with Ipswich, which is much better.

MK Dons is also in the first league this season, and while a lot of people might like to get the championship credit, Troy has the opportunity to be a really good thing. MK Dons are in a situation where they yearn for a good striker – their top scorer Cameron Jerome has retired from the club in Luton Town, and their next two best strikers from last season were credits that have not yet been renewed. Dona next season. This gives Parrot a great opportunity to spread his wings (laughs), play a lot of minutes and maybe score a bunch of goals.

Sending Parrot on loan also opens up opportunities for teenager Dane Scarlett, who I understand is too young to rent himself, but who may now have opportunities in the Europa Conference League.

Good luck to Troy – we will be watching with interest his performances in Milton Keynes!


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