DEAL: Pierluigi Gollini joins Tottenham on loan



Ready! As expected, Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed their latest contract on social media, announcing the loan of goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini from Serie A Atalanta.

For now, Gollini has provided a loan for one year, although Tottenham have the option of extending this loan for a second year if they so wish. In addition, there is a clause for a purchase in the amount of 15 million euros after the second year of the loan, if he makes a certain number of appearances (currently unknown) during the life of the loan.

Do Spurs need another understudy? In short, probably. Hugo Lloris is approaching the final year of his contract and is expected to be allowed to leave with a free transfer next summer unless he is incredibly sold this summer. Joe Hart, while a good guy, isn’t the guy you need at goal if Hugo gets hurt, and Alfie Whiteman doesn’t seem quite ready to step up to second in command. The signing of Gollini means Spurs have a very solid backup goalkeeper who will likely try to challenge Hugo from the jump. Hopefully this means that if Hart stays here, Alfie Whiteman can go on credit.

Sadly, rumors that Gollini is homebrew were not true – while Manchester United signed with Gollini in 2011 and kept him for three years due to an injury he didn’t register for most of that first year at Manchester, so he doesn’t qualify as homebrew for Premier League or UEFA goals. That would be a nice bonus, but obviously not a hindrance.

Welcome to Tottenham, Pierluigi!


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