Davis Thompson has an amazing round



Davis Thompson is probably best known as an American from the University of Georgia. But on Thursday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, he made his name in a different way.

Thompson, who is only making his third start as a pro, has shown no sign that something like Thursday’s round is about to happen. In his two previous starts as a pro, Thompson was 35th in the Palmetto Championship, and he missed a start on the Travelers last week.

But on Thursday, Thompson was locked up. And it started from the very beginning of his round.

Playing the first nine, Thompson scored the 10th par-4 hole. He followed this with a bird on the 11th par-3. He was 2nd through two holes.

After par 4 on par 4 hole 12, Thompson got another bird, this time on par 4 hole 13. He then parried the 14th par-5 hole to stay at 3-less par.

Thompson continued his hot streak on the 15th par-3 hole, where he rolled to another bird. He bets par 16 in front of another bird, this time on hole 17 par 5. This put him at 5-under par, and this is where he finished his first nine.

His solid performance continued even after being delayed by rain in the first round.

Thompson scored the first hole to get to the 6-mo par. After par on hole two, he scored on hole three from par 4, going 7-less and going forward.

Thompson will parry the next three holes to stay with that number. He then scored the seventh par-5 hole to make his own 8 and take the lead.

His hot round continued on the eighth par-4 hole, where he climbed to 9th below par. He would have parried the ninth hole to finish par 63 to 9 under. Thompson had a two-shot lead when he finished his round.

It was a magical day for Thompson. He hopes it will last until the end of the Detroit weekend.


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