Darlington adds mortgage calculator to website rework



The Darlington Building Society has revamped its website and added many new features, including mortgage and savings calculators.

The revamped website, created by local agency Hush Digital, bears witness to the lender’s latest technology investment. He also recently invested in a new telephone system.

Part of what Darlington calls his “change agenda” is that the new website has fewer pages to navigate, more video on-demand tutorials and larger fonts, and scalability for those suffering from impaired or dyslexic.

As a result, according to the lender, the site has become significantly more accessible than the previous one and easier to use.

“Since the rebranding of the company five years ago, the market and our own business have undergone significant changes, and it is time to make sure that our technologies and systems keep pace with these changes,” said Chris Hunter, COO of Darlington.

“We not only made sure it met the needs of our existing members, but we also wanted it to be a showcase to the outside world and attract new customers to look very fresh, dynamic and interactive.”

Hunter said the key change, at the request of attendees, was to make the website more user-friendly on any device – be it a tablet, mobile phone or desktop.

“[We are] ushering in an exciting new era, ”said the Chief Operating Officer.

Johnny Overfield, managing director of Hush Digital, said the old website was “too complex.”

He added: “So we focused on simplifying the new structure so that customers can access the information they need with two or three clicks.

“It has also been designed so that it can evolve as the needs of the members change.”

Darlington, which held close to £ 705 million in assets at the end of last year, is offering mortgages to new buyers as well as to those moving home or looking to get a second mortgage.

In addition to mortgages, Darlington also offers savings accounts and has partnered with Wren Sterling to offer independent financial advice.

Other lenders have recently invested in their technology. Also this week a lender issuing shares Pure Retirement has launched an improved mobile app designed for brokers on the road.

The lender’s chief operating officer, Simon Hayton, said he also focused on “the latest availability controls.” New features have also been added, including the ability for consultants to create key fact illustrations right from their phone or tablet.

But unlike Darlington, which outsourced the creation of its website, Pure Retirement employs 20 in-house developers, which means that all of the technology behind its application is its own.



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