Darien & Rowayton Real Estate Report: May 27th – June 3rd



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Here is a report from realtor Deirdre McGovern on Darien & Rowayton’s properties from May 27 to June 3, 2021:

9 Tulip Tree Lane properties

This home, located at 9 Tulip Tree Lane, will be open from 1 pm to 4 pm on Saturday 5 June as part of an open house.

Darien points out this week:
6 new products on the market in Darien
4 Reduced prices in Darien
6 Accepted offers in Darien
10 Private sale in Darien
3 open houses in Darien

Rowight points out this week:
4 Newcomers to the Rowayton Market
0 Price drop in Rowayton
5 Accepted proposals at Rowayton
6 private sales in Rowayton
0 Open houses in Rowayton

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Headshot to Deirdre McGovern

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Deirdre McGovern

Deidre McGovern is a real estate agent who has called Darien her home for over 25 years. She has participated in many local organizations.

You can contact her by phone 203-554-0897 or deirdre.mcgovern@raveis.com

More about Deirdre McGovern here.


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