Daniel Cohen Higgins Receives Construction and Real Estate Money to Protect Seat on Miami-Dade Commission



Daniel Cohen Higgins spent the $ 6,500 she raised to keep her District 8 seat on the non-partisan Miami-Dade Commission last month. But with around $ 243,000 in the bank, she still leads in fundraising over two of the three contenders.

All but $ 1,500 received by Cohen Higgins in July came from the construction and real estate sectors, which have shown growing interest in the relatively underdeveloped southeastern part of the county, which includes the cities of Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay and Homestead.

All of these donors provided addresses in South Florida, but none were in Miami-Dade.

The rest of the donation to Cohen Higgins, a lawyer, came from people in her profession, including a fellow lawyer. Linda Mayol, who called herself a “housewife” and the law firm Becker & Poliakoff.

Cohen Higgins’ fundraising ledger for the past month indicated that $ 1,000 was reimbursed to a Florida lobbyist. Ronald Buck and the Miami branch of the International Union of Field Engineers, which issued an identical amount for its campaign in June 2020 and October 2019, respectively.

Almost all of the $ 9,336 she spent last month went to marketing services, including $ 4,000 to a consultant. Christian Ulvertwith Border communications, 2800 dollars in Michael Worleydigital and direct mail MDW Communications and $ 2,210 Brian Goldmeierstrategic consulting company, BYG Strategies

Although Cohen Higgins is running as incumbent president, her skirmish with the Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay John Dubois, former Key Biscayne Chief of Police Charles Press and public figure Alicia Arellano notes that for the first time voters will be able to fill out the circle next to her name.

This is in part because Cohen Higgins’ predecessor, the Mayor of Miami-Dade Danielle Levin Kavaresigned to run for mayor’s office in 2020 late to race for her seat on the ballot box.

There was still an opportunity to hold early elections, the cost of which is estimated at about $ 1 million.

Cohen Higgins was born and raised in Miami-Dade and applied to run for election in May 2019. This was the first time she ran for political office and she has been involved in fundraising and campaigning ever since. Other candidates in the race included Arellano, Dubois, councilor. Leonard Duran Buike, former mayor of Cutler Bay Peggy Bell and the former state of Sens. Frank Artiles and Dwight Bullard

But the Miami-Dade commissioners chose various, free option: appointment Replacement of Levin Kava, which will serve until 2022. On December 7, Cohen Higgins was the only candidate considered in a 10: 1 vote. Rene Garcia, a former state senator, was the only one who voted against. Joe Martinez abstained from voting in protest against the appointment.

Since taking her place at the Miami-Dade Rise, Cohen Higgins has successfully sponsored several notable projects, including those that led the Levin Kav administration to create working group on cryptocurrency, improve access to COVID-19 at home testing for residents and developing a strategy attract technology and investment firms in the county.

No candidate against Cohen Higgins has surpassed Dubois, president and CEO of cloud-based video surveillance company Eyecast. Virginia to Palmetto Bay transplant Found in the largest war chest of any candidate from the 2022 constituency: $ 1.07 million.

Of these, $ 1 million is his own money, which he added in April 2019. He hasn’t received any donations or spent a dollar since November.

Arellano has not raised money since October.

The press, which showed interest in being shortlisted for an appointment in District 8 last year, has not reported any income or expenses since the start of its campaign in November, when the bank was empty.

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