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FORT WORT (CBSDFW.COM) – The significant backing up of building permits in the City of Dallas has frustrated both builders and city leaders with the slowdown in development, especially due to high demand for new homes and housing units in the city.

Phil Crown, Executive Director of the Dallas Builders Association, said: “The permitting process in Dallas used to be really efficient, really efficient. So much so that, unlike any other city, you could enter and leave with a permit before the start of the pandemic in a matter of hours. “

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He says that these days it takes several weeks, sometimes 2 months.

Crown added: “The situation is getting worse again, it takes the applicant 6-7-8 weeks to do his job.”

Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Chad West has also been involved in an attempt to address the inner-city backlog.

West said, “Shame on us if we, as a city, cannot simplify this within the code and within the constraints, but we will make it as easy as possible to create them so that people do not get prices outside the city.”

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Builders and city leaders seem to agree with the lack of staff, transitional leadership, and a system that is fraught with errors in Dallas’s permitting department.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, Dr. Eric Johnson, Dallas’s chief economic development and neighborhood service, said problems are being addressed.

He said: “The City of Dallas is actively and thoughtfully taking immediate action to remove obstacles to the permitting process. Some of the changes include redeploying staff, improving customer service and communication, and rethinking and innovating decades-old processes. ”

The mayor of Pro-Tem West says he hopes the problems will be resolved soon, because in the meantime, Dallas is losing valuable projects, tax dollars and residents to other North Texas municipalities.

He added: “At least we have a light at the end of the tunnel, or I think we need to take some action in the budget season.”

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Currently, the city’s leadership is working on determining the timing of when the backlog will be eliminated and completely eliminated.


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