Dallas FC acquires Caiser Gomes on loan from North Texas


We have seen many loans from Dallas fc to their USL League One North Texas SC subsidiary for the past two seasons, but not on credit until today. Dallas have acquired defender Kaiser Gomez on loan from North Texas SC for the remainder of the season, the club said today.

Gomez will occupy the international slot and will be added to the list pending his P-1 visa and International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

The 21-year-old was transferred to North Texas on loan from Alverka in Portugal’s third division earlier this season. He played in nine appearances for North Texas SK. Prior to joining North Texas SC, Gomes played 12 appearances for Alverca, including Alverca’s third round match at Taça de Portugal. Between November 2019 and June 2020, Gomes was loaned to another player in the third division, GD Fabril.

The move adds depth to the defensive line that Dallas lacked this season, with veterans Matt Hedges and Jose Martinez recently retired from injury.

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