CSI Launches Digital Loan Market to Optimize Lending Operations, Improve Access and Liquidity


PADUKA, Kentucky, July 13, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRING) –Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), supplier complex fintech and regtech solutions, announces the launch of the CSI Loan Marketplace, a cost-effective digital solution that enables financial institutions to optimize their loan portfolios by accessing the nationwide commercial and consumer lending market. The new offering connects financial institutions through a centralized platform, allowing them to buy, sell and engage in any type of lending business. With the CSI Loan Marketplace, banks can overcome inefficiencies, rebalance their portfolios, and optimally align their target relationship profiles.

“The economic downturn has made it vital for financial institutions to diversify their portfolios and leverage excess liquidity,” said Gio Mastronardi, president of CSI’s Enterprise Banking Group. “The CSI Loan Marketplace enables financial institutions to gain more opportunities, improve efficiency and maximize their profitability. We are proud to offer our clients an innovative solution that empowers them to better serve their communities and expand their credit network. ”

Powered by Capital Technology CommunityThe CSI Loan Marketplace enables financial institutions to leverage lending opportunities that would normally not be available due to regulatory and market constraints. The end-to-end solution allows bankers to set individual preferences and automatically detect appropriate transaction capabilities without a broker. Preferences can be set based on desired criteria, including asset type, size, and geography.

With the CSI Loan Marketplace, banks can expand their geographic footprint and diversify their assets. Unimpeded digital loan exchange joins the company a complete set of digital banking technologies which provides a wide range of solutions for financial institutions, including mobile and online banking, web design and hosting as well as digital payments

“Financial institutions in the United States constantly face challenges in effectively managing their balance sheets and liquidity,” said Garrett Smith, CEO of Community Capital. “The CSI loan market provides CSI clients with a more direct, transparent and hassle-free way to manage their loan portfolios and find new opportunities or partners. We are delighted to be working with CSI, an organization that shares with us a deep commitment to community financial institutions as well as a passion for delivering high-impact technology solutions. ”

About Computer Services, Inc.

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) provides solutions for basic processing, digital banking, managed services, payment processing, printing and distribution of electronic documents, and compliance solutions for financial institutions and corporate clients, both foreign and domestic. Management believes that exceptional service, dynamic solutions and excellent results are at the core of CSI’s reputation and have led to the company’s listing in industry-leading rankings such as IDC Financial Insights FinTech 100, Talkin ‘Cloud 100 and MSPmentor Top 501 Global Managed Service Providers. … CSI has also been recognized by the Aite Group, a leading industry research firm, as providing “best user experience” in its assessment of AIM 2019: Leading Providers of Major US Banking Systems. In addition, for the fact that CSI has increased its dividends annually for 49 years, the company was named by one of the financial media “Dividend Aristocrats”. CSI shares are traded on OTCQX under the symbol CSVI. For more information visit csiweb.com

About Community Capital Technology Inc. (“CCT”).

Community capital digital platform for optimizing loan portfolio management. The CCT Credit Transaction Market provides regional banks, public banks, CUSOs, credit unions and other non-bank organizations or credit investors with an easier, more cost-effective and transparent way to buy, sell and / or participate in loans of any type. Member firms can efficiently find suitable opportunities or capital partners, actively manage balance sheet risk and increase profits, resulting in better access to capital for their clients and communities. Visit www.communityct.com to learn more and follow LinkedIn

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