Crown closed her eyes? “


The gambling regulator, which claims to have seen drug deals and usury at the Crown Melbourne gambling hall and then reported it to surveillance teams, says it was told it was not the casino’s responsibility.

Former Victoria Gambling and Alcohol Regulatory Commission (VCGLR) Inspector Peter McCormick said that when he notified the casino giant’s surveillance teams that he suspected illegal activity, he was told it was a police case, not a casino. …

Peter McCormick, former Victorian Gambling Regulatory Officer.

Peter McCormick, former Victorian Gambling Regulatory Officer.Credit:ABC: four corners

“I have seen moneylenders a lot in the gambling pits and we have reported seeing moneylenders, we have reported to Crown watchers that I have seen loan sharking, or we have recorded it by sending reports to the manager,” he said Four corners

“We were told: ‘This is not our problem, this is the police’s business.’

“I had drug deals taking place right in front of me, where there was a plastic bag of powder, and money was exchanged right in front of me.

“I called the surveillance camera, said, ‘This is what I was watching, a group drug deal is taking place,’ and I wrote it down, inserted it into the chain, but again we were told that this was a police case, not ours. … “

A Royal Commission examines Crown's casino license in Melbourne.

A Royal Commission examines Crown’s casino license in Melbourne. Credit:Chris Hopkins

On Monday night air Four corners criticized several former VCGLR inspectors who, for various reasons, argued that the casino regulator was ineffective in preventing casino violations.

Mr McCormick’s allegations follow a string of scandals and investigations against Crown Resorts first exposed in the 2019 revelation. Agethen Bulletin as well as 60 minutes in connection with Crown organized crime and money laundering.

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