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Art by Chen Xia / GT

Art by: Chen Xia / GT

“I may starve to death, but my idol has to go viral” has become the motto of many crazy Chinese fans, especially those born in the 2000s. A trend of concern is that more and more young fans are paying much more than they can afford to support their idols. They can spend up to tens of thousands of yuan each month to buy records and tickets or pay for their idols to increase their social media following. Since most of them are still students and have no stable sources of income, many have turned to online lenders who offer loans at unreasonably high interest rates, leaving them in debt. Such a distorted fan culture is tied to an invisible production chain that encourages young fans to spend more money and boost the popularity of certain idols for profit. These young fans need to stay rational and stop “having fun to death.” Otherwise, large loans will become an intolerable burden on them and their families.


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