Creating “digital real estate” increases your value, diversifies the experience



August 26, 2021

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Chang A. et al. Fundamentals of Social Networking and Personal Branding for Healthcare Professionals. Presented at: Global Physician Burnout Summit; August 24-26 (virtual meeting).

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Personal branding and “digital real estate” create an opportunity to showcase your expertise, diversify your experience and add value, according to speakers at the Ending Physician Burnout Global Summit.

“Social networks and digital online space. is the solution for burnt out healthcare professionals in things like personal branding, Dana Corriel, M.D, board certified therapist, said. “Personal branding, when done right, can add value offline when you create content that demonstrates that you are an expert at something – you can sit down and know that you deserve more.”

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It is important to remember that while social media plays a key role in creating an advertising platform, this is only a small part of the big picture. Corriel added that owning “digital real estate,” the place where your thoughts and experiences reside, is just as important because social media platforms can easily disappear, and with them all the content you’ve created and curated for your specific audience.

Personal branding on social media and other online sites gives you a platform to showcase what you already know, but also offers a unique opportunity for continuing education and a variety of career experiences. Austin Chang, M.D., Master of Public Health, Chief Medical Officer for Social Media at Jefferson Health and founder of the Health Social Media Association said his journey of exploring the nuances of each social platform has led to working with professional communities, published research, and educating others on how to use social media for their own purposes. maximum capacity. Chan noted that his growing online community is also fueling his desire to defend his interests.

“I highlight lessons in different areas, be it social justice issues, microaggression or clinical aspects of our specialty, which are not given special attention while we humanize what we do and inform patients that we are just like them.” Chan said. said. “Part of what prompted me to walk this path is trying to take medicine into the 21st century, because the use of social media among all those who do not practice medicine is only growing, and I can understand how we can all relate to the fact. that there are many messages. this affects the health of the population. All of this together made my experience as a doctor much more complete and varied. “

For both Chang and Corriel, social media, marketing their voice and promoting evidence-based medicine has creatively opened the door to new and lucrative career ventures that they may never have opened.

“Everyone has value,” Corriel concluded. “It’s about connecting with the value you bring to the table and the value that makes you happy, find that middle ground and let it flourish on the Internet using modern tools.”


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