Council members urge those who do not own rent, mortgage and utilities to seek help now



Councilors encourage residents who may need it to seek help now that eviction moratorium and moratorium on shutdown of utilities are over. Housing Committee Chairman Marie Carrubba said there are a number of financial programs available through the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau: “There are a number of programs designed to help people either get real financial assistance or develop a payment plan with either their mortgage holder or their landlord. how to help in trying to repay or obtain loans or get real grants if they are affected by COVID, to help in these situations.

Karrubba said BPU also has a payout program for those affected by COVID. She added that the City Development Department and Chautauqua Opportunities also have resources for those in need.

Karrubba stressed that if people don’t do anything, the problem will not go away for them: “You will probably find yourself in an eviction when the Housing Court gets rid of the backlog, or you find that your utilities are turned off, which will make your apartment or house. uninhabited. Therefore, I would advise anyone with financial difficulties to do something now rather than wait. Because, again, he will be first come, first served. When resources are depleted, there will be no funds. “

The City Council also received a report on the city’s plan to end the inspection. marijuana for all employees except those with a CDL license. Employees with a CDL will still be tested for marijuana as it is federal requirement of the Department of Transportation.

The city’s drug and alcohol policy continues to prevent city employees from working under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police chief Tim Jackson pointed out that he was working on the Police Department’s policy as under federal law officers of the law are not allowed to carry a pistol and be under the influence of marijuana.


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