Cornerstone First Mortgage CEO Happy to Conquer Housing Peaks and Bust



“I flush the toilet and dry the bathroom and also make sure our banking plans are in order and we are very healthy with money. There is no job that I wouldn’t do. ”

The one-sided state of the housing market, in which strong demand, skyrocketing prices and low inventory levels prevent newcomers from climbing the real estate ladder, is not an insurmountable crisis in his view.

“The credit ratings and qualifications per annum are assessed in terms of purchasing power or whether the seller is willing to accept the offer,” he explained.

“We have to get it back. What we need to do is find a way to stop as many pre-approvals and people getting escrowed from ending up with rejection as possible, and then go back and change how the listing agent recommends or instructs the seller on which offer to use. renew or which one to buy.

“This is why home buyers are not in the race for the first time. When I write pre-approval, it doesn’t matter 5%, 10% or 50%. The person who buys real estate is actually very interested in buying it. They like it, but they may have the same reasons why they cannot move on.


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