Cooper Announces $ 20 Million Loan for Forsyth County Water and Sewerage Project



Governor Roy Cooper’s office has approved a $ 20 million loan for the Forsyth County Water and Sewerage Project.

The money is planned to be used to renovate the Neilson water treatment plant in Clemmons.

It is part of a total $ 153 million loan and grant package that will help pay for 48 water and sanitation projects across the state.

Davy County will receive a loan of nearly $ 7 million to support the County’s ongoing wastewater treatment plant expansion. It will also help to decommission the Moxville water treatment plant and, in turn, extend service to Moxville.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, projects are funded through the State Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loan Program, the State Clean Water Revolving Fund Loan Program and the Viable Utilities Reserve.

Governor Cooper issued a statement saying the funding “will help communities address aging water and sanitation systems to improve quality of life and increase well-paying jobs.”

The application deadline for the next round of infrastructure financing will expire on September 30th.


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