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One of the enduring benefits of the pandemic is that it has made digital communication more prevalent in customer interactions. Our buyers and sellers no longer see this as an aid to the transaction process, but expect it to be part of the way we do business. But instead of relaxing with what we’re already doing, now is the time to add more digital tools to our wheelhouse.

Agents feared that customers would be overwhelmed if we provided them with too much information at once. But the past year has brought a rise in online interactions and raised the threshold for what customers are used to receiving digitally – not just from real estate agents, but from professionals in most other industries they interact with. This means that we must take advantage of the opportunity to add more than just photos, video tours and home descriptions when we interact with serious buyers or their agents.

At DocuWalk, we built our platform to make it easy to include everything from a property survey to a home survey report in one package. This approach of providing more information increases the possibilities for communication lines, since there is more opportunity to highlight specific characteristics that are of interest to the buyer.

For example, I recently worked with a buyer who wanted a home in which neighbors would not be allowed to build directly across the border of the property. By including the survey as part of my initial marketing package, I was able to show them how the floodplain prevents neighbors from doing so. This made it possible to continue the conversation with the buyer about why the house would be good for them, rather than quickly disposing of the property, as other houses in the neighborhood were built up as much as possible.

On the sale side, I was recently able to sign listing agreements with luxury property sellers, showing them an extensive marketing package that I put together along with background information on the quality of the renovations they completed. This appealed to their pride in ownership and demonstrated that I was motivated to find buyers who would treat the property with the care and attention it deserves.

Digital marketing and communication has become the norm thanks to the pandemic, but instead of sitting back and happy with the tools we already use, we need to find more ways to show our value to customers. By expanding our digital marketing, we create more opportunities to grab their attention, as well as more opportunities to meet their specific wants and needs. Given the new digital norm, we don’t need to worry about digital overload.

Allen Alishahi is president of ShelterZoom, the technology company behind DocuWalk. For more information please visit

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