Consumer Buying Pulse: Mortgage Purchase, Refi and More



The mortgage industry will soon become poor, and lenders must be willing to hone all aspects of the marketing and sales process in order to survive. Innovative solutions that improve raw data can help marketers create personalized and targeted experiences for their existing customers and potential customers.

Watch Jornaya’s head of consumer finance, Mike Eshelman, discuss ways to determine when shoppers are hitting tipping points in their shopping journey and the latest trends in mortgage buyer behavior.

Here’s a small preview of the session, which has been slightly edited to increase length and clarity:

Mike Eshelman: To lay a little groundwork for what we’re going to talk about and revisit here a couple of times, if you’re thinking about what an identity graph is, an identity graph is a database that stores all known offline / online identifiers for a Consumer, then there is a physical address, an email address, device IDs, a phone number, just a lot of data that you have about the consumer. If you have it in a well-organized format that you can plug into, then you can really start using behavioral data.

Watch the full session below. To return to the full version of the HousingWire Marketing On Demand Summit, go here


  • Mike Eshelman, Head of Consumer Finance, Zhornaya
  • Sarah Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief, Housing Wire

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