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Key insights provided to real estate agents and brokers

In addition to the business impact of emerging trends, BizVibe Company Profiles contain a wealth of high-quality analytics to help users find, track, compare and evaluate suppliers or sales prospects:

  • Industry issues, their relevance and impact, grouped by geography
  • Business risk assessment broken down by operational, financial, regulatory and country risks
  • Leading competitors of the company at global, regional and national levels
  • The names of the decision makers, their positions, and their social media profiles.
  • The financial indicators of the company, such as annual revenues, profitability ratios and management efficiency.
  • Latest press releases and company information

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Categories of goods and services in real estate

The BizVibe platform contains over 10 million company profiles spanning over 200 countries and divided into over 40,000 products and services. The industry group of real estate agents and brokers has over 90,000 company profiles, divided into several product and service categories. Each category contains detailed information designed to help purchasing and sales teams find reliable suppliers and target sales.

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BizVibe for buyers and sellers

BizVibe is a modern B2B platform designed to connect global buyers and sellers. Based on the latest best-in-class solutions, BizVibe delivers outstanding product performance for both Category Managers and Sales Professionals.

For buyers, BizVibe helps companies quickly find and shortlist suppliers, compare companies, create customized supplier news alerts, and send RFQs / RFQs from pre-built templates. For sales teams, Bizvibe enables users to efficiently create lead lists, track and rank companies, and integrate their CRM.

This versatile platform has been designed to equip users with all the tools they need to complete the entire buy / sell cycle in a single workspace.

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About BizVibe
BizVibe was designed and built by a team based on Toronto, Bangalore, as well as London… We are affiliated with Infiniti Research and have dedicated business units in all three locations. BizVibe helps buyers find the most suitable suppliers from around the world and helps sellers target potential customers looking for their products and / or services. For more information please visit and get started for free today.


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