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The Northern State Community Foundation recently announced a record $ 352,400 in scholarships and loans for worthy students for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year.

Scholarships and low-interest loans help fund the recipient’s vocational school, community college, university, or medical school. Award criteria may be based on community service, grades, financial needs, extracurricular activities, and other qualifications identified by the donor.

The following scholarships and loans have been awarded to Tehama County students:

Andy Peak Scholarship, Hannah Endres; Dr. Frank L. Doan, Diana Stevens, Maggie Winning, Almaris Meza, and Kara Beckwith; Ivy B. Horr Medical Loan Fund, Maze Menephy; Kenneth R. Gifford Jr., Allan Geraty MBOC Memorial Fellowship; State Junior Golf Scholarship Laureate, Alivia McKee, Timothy Drury, Skylar Glenez, Kaarina Luisell, Matilda Luisel and Carly Rodriguez; Three Counties Bank Fellowship, Hannah Lowen & Diana Stevens; Three Counties Bank Scholarship – Merit Award, Allan Geraty.

“Students have faced many new challenges this year as they overcome the impact of school closings and other COVID-related academic restrictions,” said junior program officer Miriam Leal. “Across the country, fellows have seen fewer applications for financial aid. I am very glad that we were still able to provide a record amount of financial aid to local students. Despite the difficulties faced by many organizations and enterprises, this year we still welcomed three new scholarship funds to our Foundation. All of our scholarship fund holders are very generous in supporting local students. ”

In addition to providing support in the award selection process as needed, community foundation staff manage all fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring that the scholarship funds are deposited in the student’s name at their designated accredited higher education institution.

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