Commercial restaurant property on the market in Petaluma



From grilled cheese to Moroccan

Following on from the wildly successful grilled cheese ad (presented by Relax and Eat Bread), Grand Central Petaluma, 226 Weller St., showcases its breadth of flavors by hosting its Marrakech by the River event on Sunday, August 8, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

The Moroccan feast will include a sommelier wine dinner, belly dancing for entertainment and a private chocolate tasting. The always collaborative event will include a setup from Petaluma’s Picnic Potential and wines from the Bee Hunter Winery. The private chocolate tasting will be hosted by Grand Central co-owner Juan Carlos. In addition, Moroccan goods will be available for purchase, which you can take home with you. Search for tickets and information on request “Marrakech by the River” on Eventbrite.


We remind you that this Sunday, August 1, from 11:00 to 16:00, the “Palace” will be launched at the Lucchesi Park parking lot. Even after last week’s posting, the list of sellers has expanded significantly, so this is bound to be a great event for food and growers alike.

River festival

Mark your calendars for the inaugural Pool Party coming to our downtown swing pool on August 28th. This year’s event will undoubtedly be a quasi-reboot of past river festivals, with lots of food and drink vendors to keep people fed. And thanks to the recent deepening of the river, there will be plenty of great water activities, including paddle board races, water polo kayaks, tug-of-war and kayak races between Petaluma non-profit organizations. The deadline for serving food is August 7th. Visit www.petalumad for more information. This event is sponsored by the Petaluma Sunrise Rotary and the Petaluma Downtown Association.

Wineries galore

After opening and then visiting the new Parum Leo winery a few weeks ago, we learned that Reis River Ranch Winery now offers wine tasting. Reis River Ranch is located at the southernmost end of Petaluma Blvd, at 4867 Petaluma Blvd. C. I bet you didn’t know PBS addresses could drop so low. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Parum Leo, an article on which you will soon see, and look forward to visiting Reis River Ranch Winery in the near future. Having real winery tasting rooms just minutes from downtown Petaluma certainly makes things a lot more enjoyable than having to drive friends and family to Sonoma or Napa. However, if I am going to take my guests out of town to a winery, I would simply assume that I would visit our own Keller estates or the Azari vineyards.

Fresh meat

For those looking for fresh farm meat options, Fallon Hills Ranch is a great email list. Along with all the great fresh meat options, they usually host weekly special events that are sure to keep your grill seasoned. There was a special edition of sausages a few weeks ago and Fallon Hills has some of the best including Italian, Spicy Italian, Italian Pork & Beef, Beef & Truffle, Sausage, Cold Cuts, Sausage, Boerewors, Chorizo, Soft Chorizo, Linguica, etc. D. raw dog and / or lamb, all vacuum sealed. This week, all mutton boxes have a 25% discount with the promo code LAMBBOX25. Visit for more information and to place an order.

Two on the road

Two restaurants / kitchens have recently entered the market for those looking to open their own restaurant or need a commercial kitchen. The first is Chili Joe, a short-lived, tiny diner a couple of blocks south of Walnut Park on Petaluma Boulevard. S., opposite Sax’s Joint. Another is the old Bateman’s Meats, just north of Lombardi’s Deli on Petaluma Boulevard. N. Chili Joe’s is listed on, while information about Bateman can be found by calling or emailing 707-335-6444 or, which is honestly one of the hardest emails ever I’ve ever had to type (correctly).


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