Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: Doug Foura of NAI Farbman



Each year, Midwest Real Estate News introduces a new class into its Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. Last year was no exception. Today we take a look at the busy career of one of these newcomers, Doug Foor, senior vice president of Southfield, Michigan. NAI Farbman / Farbman Group

Douglas Foura has specialized in the industrial sales and rental market in metropolitan Detroit since 1982 and has completed a wide range of transactions, from typical sales and leases of manufacturing and warehouse buildings to complex custom transactions and redevelopment of environmentally friendly characteristics.

Fura has been working in commercial real estate, in particular industrial real estate, for almost four decades. More than half of this career has been spent with the NAI Farbman / Farbman Group.

“I could easily spend all my time in commercial real estate, so finding balance has been the biggest challenge throughout my career,” Fura said. “One of my first industry leaders told me that real success comes from the right balance between faith, family and work in that order. As a workaholic with young children at the time, I took this advice to heart and have since revised my priorities accordingly. ”

In addition to national and international clients such as Prudential Life, Pepsi Cola Company, International Paper, US Postal Service, ABN AMRO and IBM, among others, Fura has successfully closed deals with hundreds of local investors, developers and corporations.

“I really enjoy learning what my clients are doing and how they are doing it,” Fura said. “Whether it’s a stamping, a robotics manufacturer, or a logistics venture, the more I learn about a business or sector, the more value I can offer similar organizations in future deals.”

No matter what the market looks like, commercial real estate prosperity is only possible through building relationships where customers come first and work honestly, Foura said.

“While you’re bound to be kicked in the teeth from time to time when you put customers first, your own interests will ultimately be met,” Fura said.

In addition, much of Four’s success has been due to the fact that he has adhered to the same commercial real estate specialty – industrial throughout his career.

“You wouldn’t want a foot surgeon to operate on your brain, and this specialization of knowledge also applies to this business,” Fura said. “As you move up the career ladder, you can expand beyond geographic boundaries and focus on larger, more specific projects across the country.”


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