Colorado Real Estate School Review 2021



Colorado Real Estate School is not among our top online real estate schools. You can view our list best online real estate schools for what we think are the best options.

Colorado Real Estate School is a fully online real estate school that offers self-paced real estate classes. Its goal is to help real estate professionals prepare for careers in real estate or achieve more in their current careers. The school takes full advantage of the latest Internet technologies to create engaging content that makes class more enjoyable and easier to remember. It offers instructor-led classes on demand that you can do from the comfort of your home at any time.

Explanation of the pros

  • Choosing an online lesson package: Choose from three real estate agent pre-licensing packages. Packages are categorized at the highest tier including webinar and bonus class.
  • Industry expert instructors: All classes are taught by instructors with teaching and practical experience, and you can take them without entering the classroom.
  • A free lesson on real estate law is offered: See how you like the free online classroom format and learn more about real estate law, which is useful for real estate transactions.

Explanation of cons

  • No places on campus: The school only offers online courses, so it is not suitable if you want to take classroom courses with the ability to interact with your instructors and other students.
  • Offered in Colorado only: If you want to work in real estate in a state other than Colorado, you will need to choose a different school because this school is exclusively for real estate professionals in Colorado.
  • No mobile app: There is no app to download to your smartphone or tablet, so courses are not easy to take on the go.

Available courses

Colorado Real Estate School offers pre-licensing in Colorado real estate agent courses, broker courses, exam preparation courses and refresher courses. You can choose from three packages of pre-licensed real estate agent courses. There is also a broker administration course for associate brokers who want to upgrade their licenses to hire broker status. Other courses are for out-of-state sellers and lawyers who want to get their real estate licenses in Colorado, as well as a course for those who want to activate an expired real estate license.

In addition, Colorado Real Estate School offers exam preparation classes, continuing education courses and classes for community association managers.

Colorado no longer requires a public association license, so the Community Association Management course is for educational purposes only and will introduce you to the industry and its regulations. The certificate of completion of the course is not attached to it.

Seller pre-licensing

Pre-licensed seller courses are offered in a customized format. There are three packages to choose from, ranging from $ 399 to $ 550. Each package includes 168 hours of required instructional hours and includes instructor-led streaming video that you can watch and complete at home. All packages include instructor support via email and webinar, and the top class also includes instructor support via phone. All courses include unlimited practice exams, an e-textbook, and real estate math practice.

You can purchase a paper copy of the textbook for an additional $ 49. The top-level package, known as the Deluxe, also includes an exam preparation webinar with standard and advanced levels, offering the same webinar at a discounted price, but not free. Enhanced and Deluxe are the top two tiers that also include a digital exam preparation guide for the state exam and an introduction to the commercial real estate class. The Standard course is available for six months; the extended package can be accessed for eight months; and the Deluxe package is available for 10 months.

Exam preparation

Aspiring real estate agents in Colorado have five different exam preparation options. You can purchase the state exam preparation system, the national exam preparation system, or a combination of both. State and country exam preparation courses, purchased separately, cost $ 89 each, or you can bundle them together and save by buying both for $ 149.

Other exam preparation options include an instructor-led full-day webinar that includes eight hours of intensive exam preparation, which costs $ 75 in itself. Or, you can purchase it in a package along with the other state and national exam preparation courses mentioned above for $ 199. Exam preparation packages include weekly access to an instructor-led Q&A webinar.

Continuing education

Colorado Real Estate School offers state-approved online continuing education courses created by industry experts with years of experience. Continuing education lessons can be purchased separately or as a kit and cost between $ 25 and $ 96. Course topics include water rights, chapter 7 bankruptcy, intellectual property, commercial real estate, and listing contracts. The school is doing a good job of offering the required courses as well as some electives on a variety of interesting industry topics.

Course format

All courses for Colorado Real Estate School students are offered online in a self-paced format. They include required courses and some additional services such as webinars and additional courses that you can take from the comfort of your home, at a convenient schedule for you. All courses include e-books required for the course, with the option of purchasing a paper copy of the textbook for an additional fee. Courses include unlimited practice exams, real estate math problems, streaming video taught by instructors, and some type of instructor support, whether via webinars, telephone, or email.


All Colorado Real Estate School teachers are industry veterans, some with 15 years of experience. The faculty consists of licensed Colorado real estate agents who are also certified instructors with a variety of pedagogical backgrounds. They have helped thousands of students take their first real estate exam in Colorado. The founder of the school is also a teacher with over thirty years of teaching experience. Instructors can be contacted via email and weekly webinars.

Plus, if you purchase the top-tier pre-licensing package, you will have access to telephone instructor support. The instructor will tell you the phone number and opening hours.


Colorado Real Estate School has a solid reputation for being an online school with generally positive student reviews and high exam passing rates according to their website, but the school mentions that its students’ success is much more than their exam pass rates, so it is not reporting accurate. digits. Student reviews on third-party sites and on their own website are positive, and students generally appreciate that they can attend classes according to their busy schedule. The choices are also praised and the website is easy to navigate and includes licensing information as well as an FAQ section.


Colorado Real Estate School offers affordable online courses in a variety of price ranges. Continuing education courses cost between $ 25 and $ 96. Exam preparation courses cost between $ 75 and $ 199. Personalized real estate courses for brokers, expired licensees and attorneys looking to get their real estate license range from $ 199- $ 349, and the Community Managers Association course costs $ 399.

Pre-licensed real estate agent classes are sold in three packages, priced at $ 399, $ 450 and $ 550.

Customer service

You can contact Colorado Real Estate School customer support at their website or by calling 1-303-363-9882. Opening hours are not listed on the website, but the school’s office is located in Colorado, so times are shown in GMT. You can also email them to… In addition, their website has an online form for questions and feedback, as well as a separate section for resetting your login password.

Competition: Colorado Real Estate School vs. Kaplan

Kaplan is synonymous with a leader in the online education space. He is well known and has a positive reputation. It offers two formats of online real estate courses: online courses and customized courses on demand. It offers pre-licensing, exam preparation and continuing education courses. We decided to compare Kaplan and Colorado Real Estate School because both schools offer online courses in real estate in Colorado. However, Kaplan offers programs for all 50 states.

In general, we recommend choosing Kaplan because it is a reputable online education provider accredited by ARELLO and IDECC and it offers different course formats for different learning styles such as self-paced learning or live online lessons. Alternatively, you can take classes in other subjects with the same provider, which is convenient.

Colorado Real Estate School Kaplan
Pricing $ 399 + Pre-License Colorado $ 599 + Pre-Licensing Colorado
Courses offered Continuing real estate licensing training, exam preparation and Community Managers Association classes Real estate licensing, exam preparation, continuing education and more
Number of Courses Offered by State one fifty
Course format Online self-study Live online and on demand

Final verdict

Colorado Real Estate School is a viable option if you are interested in taking online real estate courses at your own pace with the intention of working in Colorado. Its price is equal to the average price charged by other schools. The school has helpful instructions on how to obtain a Colorado real estate license, answers to frequently asked questions on its website, and several ways to contact customer service agents and instructors. There is also a good selection of continuing education electives and information courses on real estate law and community association management. However, it is not IDECC or ARELLO certified and only offers courses in one state.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

When we look at real estate schools, we use a quantitative approach. We scrutinize and analyze numerous aspects of each vendor, including their overall reputation on third-party sites and previous student reviews. In addition, we consider the states where courses are offered, course format, instructor qualifications, ease of site navigation, and whether the school offers any additional resources to its students.


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