Co & NEXA Mortgage Mortgage Calculator Grows To Over 1200 To Become The # 1 US Mortgage Broker



Mortgage Calculator Development Team - Number One Mortgage Broker in the USA in 2020

NEXA Mortgage – Number One US Mortgage Broker 2020

Fastest Growing Mortgage Company of 2020

Fastest Growing Mortgage Company of 2020

Join our team of mortgage professionals at The Mortgage Calculator Co

Join our team of mortgage professionals at The Mortgage Calculator Co

Loan officers can earn up to 200 bp. with the help of free leads and a custom CRM system, becoming a remote mortgage source at NEXA Mortgage.

Join the # 1 US Mortgage Broker! “

– Nicholas Hirsche NMLS # 1928593

PHOENIX, Arizona, USA, July 9, 2021 / – NEXA Mortgage LLC, the number one mortgage broker in the US for 2020, teamed up with Nicholas Hirsche and partners to launch The Mortgage Calculator Co, based on cutting edge custom CRM technology. The team is rapidly expanding, recruiting licensed mortgage loan initiators in more than 48 US states to build a network of tech-savvy loan officers to assist borrowers remotely.

Mortgage brokers and mortgage loan creators can apply now to join The Mortgage Calculator Co team to use the fully digital mortgage application process, CRM and lead management software to help borrowers instantly. Loan officers earn up to 200 bps with free leads and custom CRM system as the initiator of the mortgage loan can apply for

Using The Mortgage Calculator Co online system, borrowers can apply online using the 1003 Fully Digital Mortgage Application, which allows borrowers to not only apply online but also upload documents securely, receive secure loan updates, connect their bank account for more never had to update bank statements. and instantly get a loan for prequalification purposes. Many lenders now allow full virtual closure of the final loan package, allowing borrowers to complete the entire mortgage or refinancing process from the comfort of their home! Borrowers can instantly get a mortgage rate calculation using our mortgage calculator at

Mortgage professionals who join The Mortgage Calculator Co will have access to all the tools to thrive in the digital world and build a fully digital mortgage business. This includes a customizable website, 1003 digital mortgage application, a CRM system with a smartphone number, and a dialer for routing calls. These tools can instantly increase the production of loan officers by streamlining the sales process as well as bringing new borrowers into the sales cycle for each MLO on the team.

Even newly licensed loan officers can join the brokerage company NEXA under the leadership of the Mortgage Calculator Group for New Lenders. Loan officers can earn up to 200 bp. with the help of free leads and a custom CRM system, becoming a remote mortgage source at NEXA Mortgage. To apply, visit

About The Mortgage Calculator Co:
Welcome to the future of mortgage lending! Use of technology and scalability. Mortgage Calculator Co instantly buys borrower loans from over 100 banks and lending institutions across the country! At the same time, borrowers can submit, download and sign all documents remotely to make the transaction completely free and easy for borrowers. Apply for a mortgage or refinance right now at https://TheMortgageCalculator.Co

About NEXA Mortgage LLC:
NEXA Mortgage LLC NMLS # 1660690 AZMB # 0944059 is a mortgage broker providing loans to consumers looking to buy a home or refinance an existing one. Our mission is to serve our clients honestly, conscientiously and competently, while providing exceptional customer service.

Our goal is to provide mortgage loans to consumers across the country, offering them the lowest interest rates and possible closing costs. We are committed to helping borrowers overcome the obstacles they may face in obtaining a loan and strive to offer the best payment plan along with the best conditions imaginable.

NEXA Mortgage is one of the fastest growing US mortgage companies, and in 2020 it was officially ranked # 1 in US mortgage loans by AIME, the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts. By 2021, NEXA has grown to over 1200 licensed loan officers. For information visit NEXA Mortgage LLC 3100 W Ray Rd STE 201 Office # 209, Chandler AZ 85226 Equal Housing Lender

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