Clinton County Real Estate Transfers



This list of recent real estate transfers in Clinton County is provided by Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermel and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Moses Investment Properties LLC Timothy D. and Christy Watkins, 6221 State Route 73 in Chester, 5.99 acres, $ 79,500.

James L. and Soundra J. Luck James Linley Luck ½ percent and Soundra Jane Luck ½ percent, 1756 Ogden Road to Adams Township, 10.68 acres, no sales.

Thomas Bohannon ½ percent and Roberta Bohannon ½ percent to Craig William and Belinda Ann Fitch, 70 Dutch Creek Drive in Chester Township, $ 299,000.

Michael D. and Jane M. Newman to Brian and Doris Streetenberger, 574 Mitchell Road to Union Township, 1.87 acres, $ 255,000.

Rick and Sandra Redden moved to EAT Properties LLC, 304 South Broadway Street in Blanchester and two other properties on Broadway Street, 0.05 acres, $ 87,000.

Emily S. Dad to Tanner W. Green and Courtney C. Bailey, 691 North South Street in Wilmington, $ 133,000.

Norma L. Shankland to Alex Matthew Birch, 122 West Fancy Street in Blanchester and West Fancy Street, 0.12 acres, $ 121,500.

Veterans Secretary Michael K. and Martha L. O’Rourke, 603 East Main Street in Blanchester, no sales.

Clay E. Hargraves Angelique L. Pence, 211 North Grove Street in Blanchester and another North Grove Street property, $ 118,000.

Stephen W. Robinson ½ percent and Donna L. Robinson ½ percent Donna L. Robinson, 631 Mills Road in Chester Township and another 9.78 acre Mills Road parcel, no sale.

James Stringer ½ percent and Lucinda R. Stringer – Karin Hendren, 107 Cuba Avenue, Midland, 0.48 acres, $ 69,000.

PAB Investment Trust for PAB Investment Trust LLC, 758 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, excluding sale amount.

PAB Investment Trust for PAB Investment Trust LLC, 728 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, excluding sale amount.

Brooke T. Corzatt and Grant T. Hawke – Levy T. Burns, 6784 State Route 729 to Wayne Township, $ 122,000.

Patricia Sponsel to Robert D. and Geral L. Headrick, 877 Fayetteville Road, Marion, 4.27 acres, $ 100,000.

Jeremiah R. and Brooke E. Winup at Jordan and Kasidi Schmidt, 2212 Halpin Road, Vernon, 4.47 acres, $ 299,000.

Catherine H. Drigotas to Tim Wayne Dalton Jr. and Jessica Ann Hayes, 566 North Spring Street, Wilmington, $ 145,000.

Kenneth D. and Ruth A. Carpenters – Sabrina and Jake Malott, 155 Fulton Street Wilmington, $ 104,000.

Julia F. Howard – Caroline J. Cook, 708 Blanchester Central Street, 0.14 acres, $ 78,000.

Rita K. Montanus RT To Jared and Sean Derkson, 1304 Berlin Road, Washington, 4.05 acres, $ 305,000.

Charlotte and Joshua Kratzer to Tyler J. Hapner Jr., 109 State Route 28 in Midland and another section of State Route 28 in Midland, and another section of State Route 28, but this one in Jefferson, 1.01 acres, for 79,900 dollars.

Teak Rose LLC to Clinton County Land Reutilization Corp. (local land bank), 30 Westboro Road and another Westboro Road, and 104 South Broadway Street and Railroad Street in Midland, 0.68 acres, excluding the sale amount.

Mary E. Alexander Arlene and Randy Alexander, 1223 Fayetteville Road and another property on Fayetteville Road, both in Marion Township, 15 acres, no sale amount.

Gregory E. and Tami S. Streber to Joseph T. Bruno, 13273 State Route 729 in Green City, 8.26 acres, $ 540,000.

Melvin and Betheny Ocker to Thomas L. Adams, 746 Xenia Avenue in Wilmington, $ 117,000.

From Anna May Lunsford to Howard E. Lunsford Jr., Georgiana Marie Lunsford Wright and Zane Keith Lunsford, 993 Antioch Road in Green Township, 34 Linton Avenue and another Linton Avenue facility in Wilmington and 140 South South Street in Wilmington, 8.33 acre, no sale amount.

Bobby Ray Hornsby – Carey Andrew Cook and Laura Lee Cook, 95 East Main Street in Martinsville, $ 122,900.

W&K Development Ltd. Delmar G. Malewein, Hickory Trail in Wilmington, 0.55 acre, $ 1,000.

PHH Mortgage Corporation To Jordan Robert Jones, 798 Nance Road, Wayne, 2.51 acres, $ 55,800.

David G. and Kelly S. Malden contact the Moulden Family Foundation, 106 North Church Street in Blanchester, no sales.

Barbara L. Hawk and Brittany N. Workman – Barbara L. Hawk, Brittany N. Workman and John Kevin Ottis Workman, 13593 US Route 68 and two other American Route 68 properties, all in Jefferson Township, 0.3 acres, no amount sales.

Philip J. Keller – Terry A. Doyle, 5328 State Route 72 in Wilson Township, 3.98 acres, no sales.

Thomas and Maribeth Storer are of Team Beam Family Farm LLC, 4103 Sabina Road and three other Sabina Road properties, all in Wilson Township, 279.22 acres, no sale.

Streber Properties LLC, an Ohio limited company owned by Shane W. Streber, 1629 Bernard Road in Green Township, 2 acres, $ 168,800.

Roger N. and Fran Gnau Bach to Jason E. and Deborah Schaeffer, 1476 Hiney Road in Liberty Township, 6.8 acres, $ 395,500.

John S. Fry Trust in Shane M. Fry, 1864 Green Road to Clark Township, $ 125,000.


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