Clayton’s library allows you to borrow books and fishing equipment.



From SAT exam preparation and curriculum materials to computers, Wi-Fi, and job hunting, local library directors across the state, like Brooke Hartle of the Hawn Memorial in Clayton, have seen their libraries become critical parts of their community again over the past year. … half.

“We provided roadside services to bring people books and virtual programs for kids and the like. Libraries do indeed adapt to whatever situation they are presented with, ”Hartle said.

And when they do, it now often means thinking outside the box – looking for new ways to not only educate, but entertain. The creative thought that found what now appears to be the perfect program for this particular River community came in part thanks to local resident Joe Chrisman.

Earlier this year, Brooke was looking for donations, something else, and Jo had a passion: fishing. With so much extra gear and Clayton sitting right on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Joe made a massive donation, and now Houn’s Memorial Library offers free fishing and protective gear to sign just as if you had written out a book.

“I love fishing and I love being on the river, and it’s a lot of fun to be able to provide for our community; the opportunity to go out and see how beautiful it is, ”said Hartle.

“Some people can’t afford a piece of equipment, so if they can just go to and from the library, it’s a great program,” Chrisman said.

The program gives people the opportunity to truly enjoy what makes Clayton so special: the river, nature and family. Whether it’s someone enjoying a weekend out with friends from out of town, or a family looking to spend the day together away from home, the program just works.

“Who wouldn’t want to fish here? Fine. The views that you have on St. Lawrence, you cannot, there is nothing that can compare with that, ”said Hartle.

Hartle hopes other libraries in the state will take up the idea.


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