City of Hampden Discusses $ 4.5 Million Loan to Provide Public Broadband Services



HAMPDEN – Hampden is considering the possibility of creating a high-speed Internet network in his city.

At a Monday night meeting, city officials talked about the $ 4.5 million needed to make this happen. The city wants to take out a loan from a small local bank before issuing a bond as it builds the network.

“There are a respectable 335 homes that only get a DSL connection and they are trying to better serve these people. It’s not up to the government standard, ”said Amy Ryder, director of economic development for the City of Hampden.

Ryder said this was unacceptable for the city of Hampden. The project’s attorney said the city will have the opportunity to make a decision on the matter and there is currently no set date for the bond issue.

Roughly 1,000 homes will need to be plugged in to pay off the loan, and Ryder said property taxes for homeowners will not increase.


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